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Welcome to The Candle & Crystal Sisters where Hoodoo meets the Craft! We are both natural born gypsy witches with Hoodoo in our blood! We have practiced solo with clients for several decades and are now offering some of the exact candle workings we have used for our clients all over the USA! Be it a non practicing individual, a beginner through advanced we work with and for everyone. ❤️ Working for YOU really is our honor. We will NEVER make you feel bad for asking questions about work you hired us to do. 😘 🔮Crystal is an empath and a strong high vibing gemstone wizard! Everything one needs to know about gemstones, grids and such she is your girl! She has literally been drawn to gemstones from the age of 5 and has been actively collecting and researching since 7!. Crystal practices solo Craft. Moon is a professional rootworker and high priestess with practices in Shamanism, Spiritualism, Santeria and Folk Magick. She works solo with her Ancestors, Saints, Spirits and Deities through prayer, meditation, divination, rituals and workings. She has literally helped thousands of clients, including some celebrites, over the past 30 years in her home state and shoppe in Florida and is now offering services online! She has taught workshops on candle magick (her true gift) specifically love magick, crystal healing, dream magick, sex magick, art of magick, Orishas and offerings, moon magick, clearing your path to a magicakal life, to name a few. She is also gifted with herbs, oils, potions, tarot, intuition, clairvoyance & psychic abilities. She has also worked with police departments to help with locating missing persons and fugitives as well as several well known celebrities. Feel free to email either of us if you have any questions or custom requests. We are here to help.😊♥️♥️♥️

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