⭐ Be Gone Bitch⭐

⭐ Be Gone Bitch⭐

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🥰Be gone bitch may look sweet and innocent however I assure you it most definitely is not!👿 This Is a wonderful layering edition to the Be Gone candle, however you can use either or on their own and they will do the job just fine! 

👿This is to remove the annoying ex-spouse, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-partner, any person that is a thorn in your side and you would prefer to see anybody but them, hear about anybody but them and they are getting on your last nerve!

👿This is particularly good for when you are in a relationship and your partner has outside interference from any of the above or there is somebody new lurking around and they are certain to cause trouble or already are causing trouble. 

Another easy to use oil loves!

Please two drops of oil in the palms of your hands rub them together then rub on your forearm starting at the bend  down to your hands. Do this when you are around your partner, or you know that the other person will make an appearance. This will absolutely assist in keeping them away from you, your partner and your lives!

🔮🌛You can also utilize this on a chime candle, particularly a black time candle. Carve the target's initials and then put X's through their initials when you are done. Please one drop of oil on the chime candle starting from the top of the candle down to the bottom. You are going to visualize this person disappearing from your lives permanently. There are no greater emotions and than anger and love, use your irritation and anger and fuse it into this chime candle. It will manifest nearly immediately my loves. All the time candle to burn for approximately 6 minutes snuff it out and throw the remains in the trash. 

👿This is one of our few oils that we do not recommend using in your shampoos and bath products.👿 


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