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🏠 New Home Locater🏠


This was crafted specifically for our clients that are looking for a new home! As we all know home is where your heart is loves! This will assist you in locating the perfect home for you! Be it a house, an apartment, a townhouse, condo, houseboat, cottage or cabin, whatever your heart desires this will assist you tremendously in your search!

🏠Perhaps you already have in mind what you would like, simply take a photograph or a drawing of the property that you are wanting and stick it in the jar. It's only recommended that you open the jar one time and reseal it in order for it to maintain its effective power. 


😰Locating in a hurry

💰Win a bidding war

 🏠Locating the perfect place

🤗 Stamina to move forward

❤️🦋These are just a few of the benefits my loves! You will not be sorry and over the years our clients have raved about the results they have received!


🏺1 Home Sweetener Jar with 30 fixed candles to burn on top. You get an entire month!

🛢️1 locater Oil

🔮1 crystal to keep on you while searching

🌙Hell's notes to write your wishes on

Free gift 🎁

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