Valentine Diamond Crush Body Wash

Valentine Diamond Crush Body Wash

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🌹Special Edition 🌹

Created for Valentine's Day for our Celebrity Clients

🌹💎TWO Bottles of Diamonds Crush Body Wash 💕

🌹💎TWO bottles of our Limited Edition Celebrity Line Diamond Crush Body Wash 

🔥Crafted with our Lilith, DMD, Madly, Luxe Love, and Aphrodite oils then blended into our luxurious creamy line of celebrity body wash with their intoxicating scent of heavenly bliss with Diamond dust, 14k gold, rubies, amethyst & cherry quartz alone with incredibly sweet herbs & flowers pleasing to the goddesses during intense ritual workings. 

Known for helping with making YOU feel powerful, desirable, In control, sexy, attractive with an unstoppable surging energy that radiates deep within you, mysterious loves. Mystery is as sexy as it gets!

💕This wash helps with making YOU stand out without trying and WHEN you do try you'll have everyone paying attention to you, stuck on everything coming out of your mouth.  

💕When you are feeling really down this is an instant lift

❤️Helps one feel like they once did, sometimes we can get caught up in negative self talk or thought that is damaging. It makes us lethargic and give off very low energy. Simply use this body wash and you will feel an IMMEDIATE lift loves! Some have reported being energized and feeling a force beside of them. 

Bonus is that the magickal aromas lingers all day on your skin! Everything you do and everyone you are around with automatically be drawn in to you. 

❤️💜This product was created for our celebrity clientele, we offer it in a smaller quantitys so it's much more affordable for the season of love. ❤️💜

Wanna put a ring on it while keeping a poker face on About HOW you are getting that done?   🌹🤗🌹🔥💜 This is the way loves! 😉

❤️No instructions other than making sure you lather up in the shower, from your neck to your toes. You will IMMEDIATELY feel better loves. Your day will be better and the more you use this the better you will continue to feel and the more attainable any goal will be, be it professionally or personally! ❤️💜🤗


🌹💎🔥 Available through February 14 or until it sells out 




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