2023 Lust Jar *Celebrity line*

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*💎Celebrity Line💎*

🍾✨2021 Limited Edition✨🍾

💋 Lust Jar💋

Only a few remaining from our 2022 celebrity line!

💋Each year CC Sisters creates a limited edition lust jar for Valentine's Day. What makes it a Limited Edition is simply the jar loves, the formulation is always the same, but we do change our jars because our celebrities requested specific jars. 💋

🌹✨This year's jar is a almost plum purple, a true vampire purple (it was difficult to capture its color on camera 😘 but it is very close to the picture ;just expect it to be a darker plum purple) 💖 the glass itself is a heavier old world glass and the cap is a divine color combination of almost antique shiny & muted silver, plum and darker purples making up raised cool looking pattern. These are gorgeous!❤️❤️❤️

🌹✨💎Now, inside of this stunning 8oz jar is are the lusty ingredients crafted with our Ritual charged amber colored honeys, red japer, garnets, blood rubies, 14kgold, diamond dust, our special lust powders, chocolate champagne, and my FAVORITE ingredients our special blend of Desire Me Deadly, Lightning Fast, Dream, & Erotic Sex Oils that are all extremely limited. I only make this batch for  the annual Lust Jar! It has literally been charged for a year. Next year's batch has already begun. 🌹💋🍾❣️ ✨✨❣️

💋This Lust Jar can be used to draw in a target to want you in the SAME sexual fantasy as yours💋 

💋Improve Sex in relationships

💋 Increase sex drive

💋 Attract someone new

💋 Anything related to lust

💋 One target per Jar

💋Uses tealight candle,; burn one candle daily on top of jar for up to 6 consecutive months, use at least for a month. 

✨ Take time to connect your energy with the jar; simply hold it, close yours eyes and gently turn it in a counterclockwise motion. Feed it your desires, visualize what you want while turning the jar. When you feel you have fed what you want clearly, place the jar where you plan on keeping it for the working. 

✨Place a photo of your target outside of the jar or under it. Leave it there for the duration of time that you will be burning a candle. 

✨ Upon lighting gaze into the flame for a few seconds, feeding the jar with your thoughts.

✨Let tealight burn out. Best to use a tealight in its cup if you want to save the jar loves.

🌹You CAN keep these after you have used it. Many clients keep them on their love alter, or a home decoration. They are really so pretty 🦋

🌹Once these are gone my loves that's it until next Valentine's. They go super quick. 💋

🌹Tea lights will be included if I have them on hand. We are having some trouble with covid and getting in our tea light ingredients 🌹

💋Can be used with other workings or jars. 

💋 Results can happen before you actually Receive your jar.

💋This is without any uncertainty the number one product that our clients repeatedly email us about telling us that it is happening before they even receive their products. ✨😘 





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