Amoire Oil Duo

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💗💞Our Armoire Love Duo is the right amount of love with the right amount of passion for those that are not typically bold and being brought outside of their comfort zone would cause too much uncomfortable behavior. This is more for you 🤗🥰🤗

💞💗Used for igniting periods of intimacy followed by passionate interludes with a partner or a target 💕🔥🌹

💜💗The Enchanted Oil is created with a soft champagne blush and hibiscus notes with a powerful mixture of blended ritualized oils, herbs, crystals and our secret ingredients of course! 🤗A softer attention grabber that pulls in A SPECIFIC TARGET, gently and with a loving energy that continues to grow. 💗💜 It will work immediately but its more subtle in awakening your target loves. Instead of a hit over the head feeling and running to you, they will be awakened and drawn to you instantly feeling a pull to you. 

💞🌹💞Entice Oil is the second oil and promotes intimacy within your relationship. Intimacy is NOT sex, rather the bond, closeness that brings you to an unbreakable and unshakable relationship Feeling like best friends, reading each others needs, desires and feeling close. This will ultimately bring you to the point of sex, but it will be different; from the heart soul and body bringing a passionate sensual form of love making.🤗💜💞🌹💕 Think petals on the bed feeding you chocolate and romance. 💕💞🌹🌹🌹💞💕

🌹🌹🌹❣️💕Entice smells of shimmering sparkling pink roses with a soft jasmine and hydrangea musk, blended with our special ingredients ritualized over a blend of crystals and herbs. 

🌹💞 Activation💞🌹 

Slowly roll each bottle allowing the energy to flow through you. 

Take one drop of each oil and rub together in your hands. 

 Take a pink chime candle, with the initials of you and your target carved into it

Rub the oil onto the candle starting with the bottom and bringing it up to the top.

Repeat this motion seven times 

As you are doing this, visualize the details of what you personally wish to play out and what you are desiring in the realm of love pertaining to this oil. 

Light the candle allowing it to burn for approximately 7 minutes. As it is burning literally see it happening again my loves words are powerful and visualization is just as powerful. Believe with everything you have that what you are seeing is a premonition of what is coming.

Snuff out the candle and you can begin using the oils as you wish. 

❤️Oils can be used in any of your bath items to include body washes, soaps shampoos, lotion or conditioners

💕These oils can also be put in a aromatherapy diffuser to allow you to be engulfed in the scent, This is a great idea if you know that you're going to be with your target loves!

❤️Where daily by placing a drop or two on your wrists, neck, in between your collarbone and on your navel.

❤️If you have any questions at all regarding whether or not this set is something that would be beneficial to you by all means send us an email to discuss! 🤗


❤️When this set sells out that is it for the season my loves and will not be offered again until next year. 

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