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💋❤️Attraction Drawing 7 Day Candle Set❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🧡💛💙💜When you want love and attraction drawn into you & in your life this is the set for you! 💙💚♥️💞💕 This candle was created with energy to attract love, have heads turn when you pass, glances from afar from strangers. You will light up the room and be noticed! Everyone desires that kind of attention! I used this after my divorce - I needed a pick me up for my self esteem. I can tell you that it was really a nice way to get out there without feeling too obvious. 😘 Please remember to email me directly with the desires and intentions you want so I can put that in the candle. EACH and every one is done for the person buying. The more info you share ( always kept confidential) the better I can accommodate your needs. 💙💙♥️ Included; 1 7 day candle loaded with love herbs, crystals to attract and dripping with love oils,🌷🌷 1 charged PENDANT Spirit Money to use as an offering 💋🧡Pictures shown are so you can see something - these are from works I have done in the past. I PROMISE your candle will be just as amazing if not better and created with the same magic and energy we give to everyone. xoxox 💋Please take a moment to look at our Shop Announcement and Faq section you'll find any active coupons and learn a little about the care of your candle. 💕🌷 We can burn on your behalf!💕❤️♥️ PLEASE GO TO THE LISTINGS EITHER BURN FOR "LOVE" OR "NON LOVE" ON OUR ALTER. SIMPLY PURCHASE THAT LINK IN ADDITION TO THE CANDLE YOU WANT US TO BURN ON YOUR BEHALF. WE DO THE SPELL WORKING FOR YOU. XOXO ♥️You will receive a picture of your finished Candle be it shipped to you Or burn for you. ♥️ PLEASE UNDERSTAND LOVES THAT EACH CANDLE TAKES 2 HOURS TO CREATE. THEY ARE NOT PRE-MADE. SO WHEN YOU ORDER 3 CANDLES THAT IS 6 HOURS TO CREATE AND CRAFT. WHEN YOUR ORDER IS PLACED YOUR CANDLES ARE SCHEDULED FOR PRODUCTION ON A CERTAIN DATE. WE CREATE CERTAIN CANDLES ON CERTAIN DATES - FOR EXAMPLE ANYTHING WITH MATTERS OF THE HEART IS DONE FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS AND WEDNESDAY. MONEY THURSDAY, PROTECTIONS SUNDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY. HEXING AND DARK ARTS TUESDAYS. IN THE EVENT YOU NEED A RUSH - YOU CAN PAY FOR A RUSH. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT CLIENTS GET BUMPED, RATHER JUST INCREASES OUR WORK DAY BY THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOUR ORDER IS FOR. 🔮If burning at home; BURN ON A HEAT SAFE DISH AS HERBS HAVE A TENDENCY TO IGNITE THE FLAME NEVER LEAVE UNATTENDED OR AROUND PETS OR CHILDREN LIKE THE WEATHER MAN CANT PREDICT THE WEATHER HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME AND EVEN A THERAPIST CAN'T GUARANTEE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH WE CAN'T GUARANTEE THE RESULTS OR OUTCOME OF YOUR CANDLE WORKING. ANYONE THAT STATES OTHERWISE YOU SHOULD RUN LIKE THE WIND. WE CAN TELL YOU WE ARE NATURAL BORN WITCHES WHO HAVE PRACTICED OUR ENTIRE LIFE SPECIALIZING IN CANDLES, POTIONS, TAROT, CRYSTALS. HERBS AND OILS. 100% OF OUR CLIENTS HAVE BEEN OVER JOYED WITH THE OUTCOME. RESULTS CAN HAPPEN ALMOST INSTANTLY OR TAKE SOME TIME.

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