Attraction Oil

Attraction Oil

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💗Compliment to the Attraction Custom Candle


 use alone ❤️

💕Crafted with energy to attract love, have heads turn when you pass, glances from afar from strangers. You will light up the room and be noticed without doing a thing. People will suddenly start talking to you will no real purpose. 🔥💗❤️

❤️Everyone desires that kind of attention, be it on good days, bad days and a mix-up of everything in between. Difference is that you are controlling those days in which you want that kind of attention🌹🌹🥰

❤️I used this after my divorce , I needed a pick me up for my self esteem. I can tell you that it was really a nice way to get out there without feeling too obvious, because Yes, I can be 🌸🥰🌸 

💕❤️When you receive your bottle,   SLOWLY roll the bottle to allow the energy to connect to you. This can be done in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Do this for a few minutes or seconds. No time frame for this oil sweethearts.

This particular oil also requires no activation. ❤️ Once you have allowed the energy to mesh with yours you can begin using it at your will! 

❤️💕Now a little sidebar pertaining to this oil. Attraction can be utilized for many things. You can attract love, you can attract romance, intimacy you can attract passion, happiness,  health, etc. What YOU wish to attract witll be what you attract. 

❤️Oils can be used in diffusers, in your laundry cycle, in your shampoo, conditioner, lotions,bath water, or shower gels the more attention you would like the more places I would surround myself with this particular oil. 


💕❤️Remember angels for every 10 bottles of oil purchased you will receive a complimentary bottle! 💕❤️




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