Bad Decisions Reversal

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✨Bad Decisions Reversal✨

Make a really bad decision, one that will  prove costly to you or someone you know will cause great hardship for? 

This is created to help that bad decision to be undone. Things will literally be brought upon to block it from happening.

Think of this as the negative effects of retrograde magnified for the better outcome; this stopping that bad decision from manifesting!

❤️ You'll receive one 15 day glass enclosed custom candle filled with our Ritually charged magickal herbs, gems & our amazing smelling decedent lavish oil to cease bad decisions! ❤️

🌠Large Hell Note

✨ Priority shipping 

❤️✨ Beautifully wrapped

We can also do these as a gift for someone🔮

✨These are hand poured loves again custom done for each client under ritual. 

✨Please let me know what your bad decision was along with your initials and dob😘

 🌠Seven Day turnaround


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