Be GONE! Custom 7 Day Candle

Be GONE! Custom 7 Day Candle

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😈Be GONE!😈

😈Do you have horrible neighbors, awful coworkers, industry frauds you don't have time to expose, ex-spouse, an ex wife or husband of your partner, a partner that will not leave your home,a guest overstaying their welcome, anybody you truly want removed from your life? This candle is absolutely what you want loves!🤗 Makes them GO AWAY for GOOD!

I can personally attest to using this candle many times and had a positive impact and result each and every time. We have had thousands of customers contact us raving about how quickly this starts to work! Be GONE is Amazing! 

❤️You will receive one custom crafted candle created with our ritually charged magical herb blend with crystals and other specific ingredients that make up this incredible candle!

❤️Its specific to your personal needs. See below

❤️It is a total of a 5-day craft process along with a 3-day altar charge upon completion. Unless you want to pay for a rush. 

❤️Picture is for you to have a visual only all of our candles are custom done one of a kind for each individual my love, your candle will be just as magically amazing I promise 🤗 

❣️Beautifully wrapped and packaged and sent to you priority shipping

💕 Instructions included 

❤️Please email me or in the comment section describe who you want removed,or Gone for good, include their initials and date of birth along with any other important anniversaries; for example date when you met. 

💕If you don't have any information other than a house number OR Apt number that is perfectly fine. 

💕You will not be disappointed loves with this candle!💕




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