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🌺 Enchant 💕

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❤️💕There are so many reasons that everyone should have this oil my loves! 

💕💕First let me start off by saying that it was crafted in Hawaii at one of the most majestic and spiritual volcanic sites, and then finished in Sedona Arizona which is another extremely spiritual and magical world of vortexes! This IS powerful loves!

💕❤️It was created for matters of love, self love, glamour & beauty needs. Personally I think when a man or a woman feels good everything they do is just better. It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home practitioner or you are a flourishing well-known artist or a stay at home Mom or Dad, if you're feeling bad about yourself then everything you do is going to fall in step with the way you feel. Sluggish, sad, down, low, fed up, at your wits end, lethargic... and the rolling list goes on and on. 

❤️💕You will begin to feel so much better about yourself QUICKLY as you use the oil, much more positive and when you're feeling more positive you attract more positive in your life. When you're feeling beautiful, lit up inside the sky is the limit loves. Women and men both go through periods of time where they don't feel great about themselves. This oil will help you overcome that horrible feeling that consumes your every thought and everything you do.

🔥❤️Persephone is the dominant deity in all matters of love. Persephone was bound to each and every single bottle to do your will regarding only matters of  beauty and love. Self love, self-healing, love within a partnership, bringing love from an unknown source primarily looking for your soulmate for example, strengthening a marriage bond, preventing an unwanted divorce or an unwanted separation. It's also a fantastic tool to utilize if you feel that you are in fact cursed with love matters, have had dark magick done against you preventing you from finding love. This will remove any and all magick done against you as well as reverse it BACK to the source. There is nothing my loves that can't be undone. Moon has successfully broken dark magic against several clients and this is one of the tools that she utilizes for matters of cursed hearts. 

❤️There is an energy activation required and those instructions will be emailed to you before receiving your bottle. They are super simple and only require a chime candle! 🤗

💘The bottle is exquisite and truthfully the picture does not do it justice because we weren't unable to capture the exact color however this is very very close. It is a beautiful lavender and pink enamel butterfly encased in stainless steel with two red gemstones and a lavender center Stone. The lattice around the bottle is the same lavender color with darker shades of purple and a few blues coming down to a pink. It's almost in hombre shade. There are red lavender and purple stones throughout the center of the lattice and in the heart on there is a red almost magenta stone. The butterfly screws off of the lightly frosted glass. The overall bottle is the largest that we offer in our specialized oils. It is almost 6 fluid ounces. That is a lot of oil loves.

💘This is a magicakal dreamy & seductive scent which was crafted under numerous rituals in both Hawaii and Arizona, then blessed and charged. 

❤️So be it a need or desire to feel better, look better, seek out love or rekindle an existing love this bottle of Enchanting is definitely what you need. 

💕This can also be utilized as all of our oils in shampoos, conditioners, bath washes, in your laundry, any household cleaning that you're doing add a drop, inside of your cars, you can even put a couple of drops in an oil warmer so the smell permeates through your home.

❤️Email us with ANY questions pertaining to Enchant Oil at ccsisters919@gmail.com

💕The power of Persephone with the blessings & ritual workings of Moon will transform your life when you are open to receiving the abundance of amazing and sparkly things waiting for you and enchant those around you!




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