Business Uncrosing Custom Candle

Business Uncrosing Custom Candle

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💲 Business Uncrossing 💲


are you currently feeling as though something or someone is preventing you from getting your foot in the door, being promoted, taking your business to the next level? If so you may have been blocked or crossed. It has been my experience that more often than not you have been crossed. This candle stops any ill will in its tracks and helps your desires manifest! 💓 

💞You will receive one customized candle created and crafted under proper ritual using our magical blend of oils herbs and gemstones 💓

💫Please make sure that you email us your specific needs along with your initials and date of birth so we may begin your candle crafting on the appropriate day.

🤗Picture shown is so you can see something 🤗 due to the nature of our candles being custom made for each individual. Yours will be different however no less amazing I assure you! 

💞Instructions are included

💫 Lovingly sent &beautifully packaged in a priority shipping mailbox