Cease & Restore

Cease & Restore

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This candle is only to be purchased when approved and agreed upon between      CCsisters and the client. We do not keep this listed.

There are times when for whatever reason a burn for a specific purpose will cause more harm than you had anticipated. This excludes dark workings , this is not for a dark working loves. This is for things like love, obsession & money.

Regular practitioners know when this is to be used. You know something went terribly wrong immediately after burn. Your timing was off, something is working against you or the deity you worked with is angry and something else needs to be done first before doing the work. 

This candle will stop the effects immediately and it is strongly recommended to do a clearing, protection, unblocking or road opener prior to doing the work that you need stopped.

You will receive one candle anointed and crafted specifically for the effects of work that you would like stopped. 

This candle will take at least 9 days to craft because it is a very specific and specialized custom item loves. 

Can be utilized on any working you have done and feel like it's not working correctly or you want it stopped for what ever reason. 

❤️Please contact me first before you purchase loves to make sure that this is what you need ❤️





Curio only.

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