Connection Oil

Connection Oil

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❤️Connect on a deeper level with those that only view you as an acquaintance


❤️Lovingly made for those seeking a deeper connection or just a connection with whom your working. 

❣️The ability to connect to people is so very important loves be it romantic encounters, business or when working with your entity of choice. Sometimes it is not you with the issue, it's them. 

❤️This oil will help you connect & commutate on a deeper level in order to make your desires come to be. Turn your encounters into  memorable ones.   

If you are looking for an unbreakable bond, repair a rocky relationship be it s plutonic or intimate, this oil will help to build trust between you and your target and open a channel to allow meaningful long term communication and connection.

💓This oil uses a unique magickal blend of crafted riualized oils & herbs with 24k gold, Silver, Crushed Citrine, Amethyst & Rubies. 


  • Put 3 drops on a purple chime candle starting at the base of the candle rubbing in an upward motion
  • Carve initials of your target into the candle 
  • Light for 7 minutes while focusing your intention & what you want to come of this relationship on the flickering flame. See it loves, get lost in the moment.
  • Snuff out & dispose when you are finished

💎Will not interfere with any other working you have done or are planning to do














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