Fast CnP Oil 🕯️

Fast CnP Oil 🕯️

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⚜️Fast Clean n Protect Oil🌟

🌟Need to cleanse and protect in a flash? Have a candle you want to burn now but no time to properly clean your space or sage? This oil has been created to do just that, quickly and IMMEDIATELY purify!  This is by far the easiest oil we offer loves! 

🌟All you need to do with this oil is simply open the seal, take two drops & apply to your hands, one drop over your heart and you are cleansed and protected! That easy!

🌟I use this often in between workings when I am slammed, it keeps my energy field clear, and protects me from any interference of any kind.

🌟This is also fantastic if you're just having one of those days and you're feeling like something is off, just put a couple of drops in your hands rub them together and go about your business. You will feel immediately refreshed! 

🌟You can perform a chime candle ritual if you feel it is necessary, however it is definitely not required.🌟 

🌟Carve your target initials into the candle along with yours. If you do not have a specific target in mind and want to use this for general people you can do that as well. 

😊Use on a black chime candle. Place two drops in each hand, rub together.  Then your rub hands the length of the candle starting from bottom to top. 

🌟Light the candle and stare at the flame for a couple of moments until you feel a lovely warm floaty tingling rush your body. Allow it to burn for 7 minutes in total.

🌟Dispose of the chime candle when you are done. Never ever ever use the same time candle.

*The only exception being if you are destitute and truly can only afford that one candle. I recommend having a white supply on hand so you can use one in a pinch. 🤗

🌺All natural ingredients so put in shampoos, lotions, body washes, you can bathe in this.

🌺Our oils always smell intoxicating and these are actually the oils used on your candles! 

 ❤️This smells like a soft faint blend of Palo Santo, Clary Sage and our secret ingredients. 🌻 You will not feel overwhelmed with the smell loves. You're going to be surprised at the lovely aroma!

🌺 Created during an old Haitian ritual passed down by my Gram. Lot of tranquil power in this little bottle loves! It works!🥰

🌹Comes in a glass 1 oz bottle & should last you up to  1 month if using daily 3 mths if using less often🌹









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