🎲Lucky 7 Oil 🎲

🎲Lucky 7 Oil 🎲

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🎲 Lucky 7 Oil 🎲

🎲For games of chance, scratch offs, lottery, casinos, bingo and such. This will increase your odds of winning!🏆

💰This was not created to win the jackpot lottery loves, such a request is extremely excessive for this. Was crafted under direction of Shango. His is extremely generous but mess with him and he will turn your world upside down. 

🎲However, If you are looking for cash in a pinch and heading out to the casino or over to your local store for scratch offs this will help!

💸The largest winnings that we have been made aware of were a $275,000 video poker jackpot. A woman was looking at losing her home so she got all of the loose change from her house and her jar, went to the casino and on her last quarter hit for $275 thousand dollars. Love that story!❤️

🎲Wear anytime you are planning on winning! Place a drop a piece on each hand rub together and that's it! 

🌟Good for 12 hours

🌺All natural ingredients so put in shampoos, lotions, body washes, you can bathe in this the day you're going to go out to the casino!

💎Simply put seven drops in a bathtub and soak with your usual bath time regimen items! 

🌺Our oils always smell intoxicating and these are actually the oils used on your candles! 

 🎲This smells like a winner! Crisp rich scent with attraction oil blended in over fresh herbs, charged and blessed amozonite, jade & cornelian gemstones along with 24 karat gold, silver,  diamond dust & our secret blend of ingredients of course!❤️

🌹Comes in a glass 1 oz bottle & should last you up to  1 month if using daily 3 mths if using less often🌹



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