Glamour Oil

Glamour Oil

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🌹This my loves is another absolute must to have! ❤️

❤️We all have days when we're feeling less than attractive, especially after being cooped up for in some instances, as long as a year if not more! 🙄

💋Yes we all know that beauty comes from within, but there are some days we just want to kick ass take, names and feel our absolute finest!  ❤️Many of us actually perform better when we feel better

🌹This will definitely turn heads, you will receive much more attention than usual, an instant boost of self-esteem loves! Nothing feels quite the same when you feel undesirable!

❤️Suggest using with the Glamour Candle to reap more benefits!

🌹Anyone can use this oil, as well as any of our oils!

🌹 Super easy to use! 

🌟Directions for use;

🌹Use a white or pink or purple chime candle

🌹Carve your initials into the candle

🌹Coats the chime by placing two drops of the oil in the palms of your hands, rubbing them together, then rubbing the length of the candle starting from the bottom to the top. 

In your own words thank any deity that you choose to work with, if you have no one in mind simply thank Spirit.

🌹Light the candle, take a few minutes to stare into the flame itself, some may feel a warm sensation take over their bodies.

🌹Allow this to burn for approximately 20 minutes

🌟This can be used on the go! Take a couple of drops and place them on all of your pulse points before heading out the door to rock it out!

🌹Can also be used in body washes, shampoos, conditioners & lotions. Just add a few drops! 

🌹The more you use the more amazing you're going to feel and the more attention you are going to attract!

🌹This oil was crafted during goddess rituals then blended with several of our popular oils to include Goddess, and Attraction.

🌹This smells like Beauty in a bottle loves. It has such sexy notes and undertones it's just lovely. Smooth honey champagne orchards. Best way to describe this dreamy scent!

🌹Topped off with our intoxicating blend of herbs, charged and blessed gemstones along with a little bit of our magic of course!

🌹We've had several people request larger bottles of this, we are considering that option soon! 

❤️Ready to go now so no waiting on any of our oils









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