💕 Reconciliation Oil 💕

💕 Reconciliation Oil 💕

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💕 Reconciliation Oil 💕

💕This is a wonderful compliment to your reconciliation candle work or you can use it alone! 

💕When you've had a tif with a loved one, coworker, family member, friend etc this will help loves! 

💕It is perfectly understandable that you can't think straight or function properly without having them in your life! 

🌹Place two drops of oil in the palms of your hands and rub the length of a pink or white chime candle starting with the bottom to the top. 

🕯️Light the candle while focusing on what it is that you want attracted to you. Say it aloud. Put it out there into the universe

 🌹Stare intently at the flame for a few moments seeing what you want actually unfold. t

💋Snuff outut after 7 minutes and dispose

🌹Our oils are all natural and not harmful to the environment so you can place a few drops in shampoos, body oils, body lotions, etc and you will be perfectly fine! 

🌺Smells of a soft honey amber champagne with notes of magnolia and primrose,  it's a lovely soft scent! 



 Comes in a sealed 1.5 oz glass bottle







Curio Only

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