🌺Newbie Oil 🌹

🌺Newbie Oil 🌹

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🌺 Newbie Oil🌟

🌟 I absolutely love this oil! This was created specifically for those that are new to the metaphysical realm and aren't exactly sure where to start. It can be quite confusing with so many options available. The Newbie oil allows for your energy and the energy of the oil to properly and accurately acclimate. It is a way of introducing how to use an oil. It will help you focus your energies on your practice be it voodoo, hoodoo, witchcraft, demonic magick, etc OR being led to your path. After all loves Magick is energy, words, motions. Magick comes from within, deep in the soul. I can't stress enough how much our own energy, words and actions do affect the outcome of any working.

This is also a fantastic tool to utilize during meditation. Meditation as we all know can be trying at times. It is not easy to relax your mind and your body in unity. This will help you. 

🌹What a lovely gift for your teenager who is attempting to locate their path. It's also amazing gift for an adult who is just now finding that they have a calling to the metaphysical world.

There is no wrong way to use this oil loves, however there are suggestions for use below. 🥰

🌟You can perform a chime candle ritual if you feel it is necessary, however it is definitely not required. However doing so will get you in the habit of using an oil for a particular purpose or need🌟 

🌟Carve your initials into the candle. 

😊Use on a while chime candle. Place two drops in each hand, rub together.  Then your rub hands the length of the candle starting from bottom to top. 

🌟Light the candle and stare at the flame for a couple of moments until you feel a focus come over you. Ask Spirit to guide you in your own words. There is nothing that you can say that would be offensive when asking for direction. 

🌟Dispose of the chime candle when you are done. 🌟Never ever ever use the same time candle.

🌺 Our ingredients are all organic and natural loves so put in shampoos, lotions, body washes, you can bathe in this.

🌺Our oils always smell intoxicating and these are actually the oils used on your candles! 

 This smells like a soft faint meadow of poppies and peony with honey undertone with our secret ingredients of course!. 🌻

🌺 Created during a series of new moon rituals with St Expedite and Papa Legba. 

🌹Comes in a glass 1 oz bottle & should last you up to  1 month if using daily 3 mths if using less often🌹









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