💰 Mo Money

💰 Mo Money

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💰 Mo Money Oil 💰

💰This particular oil helps with the following: 

💲Increase cash flow💲

$ Increase popularity

$ Increased intuition

$ unexpected gains

$favorable financing outcomes

 $Lottery luck

$Pay raises$ 


🌟Service industry workers this is absolutely what you want especially when the nature of your business depends on tips and the generosity of others. 🌟 🌟💰

💰We've had several bartenders rave about the kind of income they are now making. ❤️

💰Sales professional have all told us how they went from struggling with their jobs on the line to a complete turnaround and are now at the tops of companies and have received substantial promotions

🌟Directions for use:

😊Use on a white or green chime candle. Place two drops in each hand, rub together.  Then your rub hands the length of the candle starting from bottom to top. 

🌟Before lighting visualize money being drawn to you  See it my loves you have to physically visualize it. I can't say this enough your own energy affects the outcome as well as your words. So be mindful of both. ❤️ 

🌟Light the candle and stare at the flame for a couple of moments until you feel an energy take over your body. Allow it to burn for 7 minutes in total. Dispose of the chime candle when you are done. Never ever ever use the same time candle. The only exception being if you are destitute and truly can only afford that one candle. I recommend having a supply on hand so you can use one in a pinch. 🤗

💰  Wear this daily to keep the cash flow coming & maximize results

🌺All natural ingredients so put in shampoos, lotions, body washes, you can bathe in this.

💎Simply put seven drops in a bathtub and soak with your usual bath time regimen items! 

🌺Our oils always smell intoxicating and these are actually the oils used on your candles! 

 💸This smells like wealth loves, it's a smooth almond honey champagne with hints of Midas & Extravagance. It is then blended during ritual over fresh herbs, charged and blessed gemstones along with 24 karat gold, silver, copper, diamond dust & our secret blend of ingredients of course!

🌹Comes in a glass 1 oz bottle & should last you up to  1 month if using daily 🌹


 💰This will not interfere with any other financial working you are currently doing or have done

 💰If you are purchasing more than one remember complimentary shipping is offered 💰







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