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💎This PURE oil is literally crafted for our celebrity clients loves! This is the actual bottle and the actual pure oil that is sent out to  our celebrities. 🤗

🌺Pure oil is equivalent to parfum, Not perfume. It is the purest form and the most expensive form. 

🌸We have two left from the batch and are offering it to our email subscribers first🤗


🐆Crafted during binding rituals binding Freya to do your work under several lunar phases. Very powerful oil loves!

Freya is the goddess of love, warfare, sex, fertility, death, beauty, magic, and witchcraft. She oversees battles, has a carriage drawn by large cats, thus the chosen vessel. She can bestow or remove fertility, can be petitioned for love, and was born knowing the divine secrets of witchcraft and the Runes. This is due to the fact that she is part of the Vanir, a people believed to practice witchcraft and have a strong connection to the Earth. She was also known as the Queen of Witchcraft🧹 

🌹This is to be used by models, performers of any kind or any profession where looks are the primary source of income. 

🌹 Watch your status flourish

🌹 Name reconition

🌹 Stream line of gifts and money

🌹Freya will ensure you get reconized, admired, seen and your voice be heard loves!

🌹Two of our prime time celebrities swear by our oils but LOVE this particular oil! 

🌟We literally only make 49 bottles per year, with 2 left for our shoppe.  This is an intense pure oil loves with tremendous power in each and every bottle. 

💕🌸Crafted with our top of the line elite celebrity favorite pure oils🔥. This pure oil is made up with notes and hints of bergamot, fig, amber, honey champagne, and a few other blended pure oils including Extreme, Too Hot and Mine. They are then blended during intense ritual with fresh herbs, gold, silver, and platinum with charged amethyst, onyx, clear quartz and cherry quartz along with our special blend of magickal ingredients. 

💕 Gives an almost out of body experience, a little bit goes a very very very long way. Pure Oil is more potent loves. 

💕💎More often you use this the more incredible your results and faster they will come !

❤️This does not and will not affect any other working you have done are doing or are scheduled to have done! The seven will actually help loves

How to use;

💕 Always gently shake the bottle prior to using it. Not vigorously loves, make sure you hold the top and the bottom of the bottle then shake it seven times slowly. Feel it's energy pulsate through you and grow stronger with each gentle shake. The slower the better. 

🌸❤️Use a white chime or purple candle. Carve your initials and date of birth into the candle

❤️Put 2 drop of oil in the palm of your hands and rub the candle up from the bottom to the top repeat that motion untill coated while visualizing exactly what you want. See it loves! 

After a few moments, 

Thank Freya in your own words, for doing your bidding, assisting in transforming your life.  

❣️Show the Goddess what you want. Visualize it as vividly as you can, take them through your wants; SEE IT, feel it from your soul.

🌺❣️🌺With this particular oil it is necessary for you to get offerings for Freya.  Flowers, gemstones, chocolate or a sweet liquor are all good choices. However if all you can afford, truly afford is a glass of water she will be thankful for the water. Please just know that she will know if you are a starving artist that can only afford a glass of water. You must request with pure intentions because she will take it away as quickly as she gave if she feels unappreciated, deception or any hint of vengeance.

🌺Light the candle. It is only necessary to keep it lit for 7 minutes. Stare into the flame, again seeing what you want. Get lost in the moment. It is not necessary to stare into the candle the entire 7 minutes, a few moments is fine simply snuff it out. 

❣️Do not use the same chime candle for a different use. Very important! 🤗

🌺Place a drop behind each ear and one each on your wrist. As you are placing each drop on yourself, see the movie, modeling job, screen play, social influencer audience increasing, stage you want to play on SEE IT CLEARLY. 

🔥 This can be used on others for your benefit. If you know you're going to see somebody that you want to use this on, without their knowing, put ONE drop in the palm of your hands rub them together. Shaking their hand or a hug is all you need to transfer onto them!

💎 If you are in a zoom meeting, this has become The New normal, you can place seven drops on a white candle and have it within the visual field of the person you want to acquiesce to your request or offer you a part.

💎You can use this in a bath, simply place 7 drops into a very warm bath AFTER you draw the water. Soak and visualize your life transformation unfolding. 

🌺Shower, 7 drops on a loofah or washcloth run it over your body, rinse with water and shower as normal.

 🌺It is very common for our clients to contact us after they place an order telling us that it is already working before they receive. 🤗

🔥Your energy literally transfers when you are looking at a product that you want and you purchase angels. Very simple.  💋 She is bound to do your work as soon as you connect

🌸There are multiple times you can use this particular bottle : it should last you 6 months to a year give or take, depending on how often you are using.

💋This is literally our largest  pure oil celebrity bottle that we offer loves.  It's the size of a small apple or 50ml. 

💕Pure oil is undiluted, it's like your favorite perfume; you purchase the regular perfume at a fraction of what you'd pay for the parfum. This is the parfum.  🤗

 Bottle is stunning and will last you years after used.  It's a soft white grey enameled kitty with a blue rhinestone collar and cute little tail. The scrolling silvery lattice swirls, hug the top of the white matte frosted bottle with clear rhinestones and grey enameled tear drops in-between. 

❤️Remember sweethearts we don't offer what we think might work, we only offer what we know works!❤️

🤗This is a yet again a very rare opportunity for one lucky client to experience the benefits of this celebrity oil! 

🌺Typically our celebrity oils are done & released in the spring and summer time. We usually have one or two bottles left over. These truly are the actual bottles and the actual pure oil that is sent out to our celebrity clients❤️

😉You all know to grab it as soon as you decide you must have it because it will sell out! Do not email us asking a question first, because it has sold out literally as a client was emailing us. 

 ❤️This is sent out to you priority shipping and is currently ready to go! So if this is the only thing you're ordering you will receive this nearly immediately. 











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