LAVEAU Pure Oil/ Celebrity Line

LAVEAU Pure Oil/ Celebrity Line

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👑This PURE oil is literally crafted for our celebrity clients loves! Laveau is made for the Queen!👑 This is the actual bottle and the actual pure oil that is sent out to our celebrities. 🤗 

🌸 This is the only batch offered this season loves & it's  being offered to our email subscribers first. ❤️

👑Marie Laveau is known for her New Orleans Voodoo giving her the title Queen of Voodoo. People of all walks of life flocked to this powerful practitioner for her majick! Everything she did came to be!

❤️I love Marie Laveau and still to this very day carry her card with me in my wallet! I personally honor her and pray to her daily my loves!  I encourage each of you to study anything you can on Marie. It is not necessary in order for this oil to work. It's just a personal suggestion. 😘

👑However, it IS necessary to have a small altar for Marie my loves and keep your bottle near her.  If you cannot have an altar in plain sight or are short on space, a small area in your bedroom is perfectly fine.  A picture of her or a statue of her; either one.  You can print a picture of her out from google and the like. 

🌺Offerings for Marie include; 7 dimes, 7 pieces of silver, cigars, rum, fresh flowers or chocolate. Dimes are probably easier for most instead of giving her fresh flowers daily. If you can fantastic however any of the above are great. 

Her colors were purple, blue, white & a dark pink, like the color of your oil. 😘

👑 This oil was crafted to literally draw in and bring your object of desire to you quickly! Specifically 💕 love, sex and luck. The most stubborn of targets will suddenly acquiesce to you, the former barrier will come down. Be it one night stands, marriage, popularity, alluring, admiration, mystery, you will be irresistible to them!  

👑Want to get rid of someone, your competition for example? Marie will remove obstacles, road blocks and smoothly pave the way for you and you alone! This is amazing for our celebrities for that reason alone loves. Competition is nearly everywhere you turn, people in the shadows waiting to stomp on you and your goals. Marie keeps them away! 

🌟Lucky in love, lucky in everything will be on your side! EVERYTHING YOU WANT, EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE will be loves! That promotion, legal matter to go in your favor, that modeling job, yours. Want to money to come to you, it will. Want to win at the casino, you will! 

💕🌸Crafted under an old voodoo ritual with Marie Laveaus spirit, fresh ritualized herbs pressed and crafted for pleasing Marie.  Charged and blessed crystals, silver, platinum, amathyst, obsidian, red jasper, along with our secret ingredients. 🤗

💕More often you use this the more incredible your results and faster they will come 

❤️This does not and will not affect any other working you have done are doing or are scheduled to have done! Marie will actually help you loves. 

How to use;

💕 Always gently shake the bottle prior to using it. Not vigorously loves, make sure you hold the top and the bottom of the bottle then shake it 7 times slowly. Feel her energy pulsate through you as you do this. 

🌸❤️Use a white, red or pink chime or household candle. Carve your initials and date of birth into the candle

❤️Put 7 drops of oil in the palm of your hands and rub the candle up from the bottom to the top, repeat that motion untill coated while visualizing exactly what you want. See it loves! 

💕After a few moments, before lighting the candle, close your eyes and say;

Marie Laveau,  I thank you and honour you. Accept these offerings showing my respectful honor and thanks.  I need your divine power Marie, grant my petition. See what I need. So be it!

❤️Show Marie what you want. Visualize it as vividly as you can, take her through your wants; SEE IT, feel it from your soul. You can talk to her allowed if it feels natural to you. You can develop a relationship with Marie. 

❤️Light the candle. It is only necessary to keep it lit for 7 minutes. Stare into the flame, again seeing what you want. Get lost in the moment. It is not necessary to stare into the candle the entire 7 minutes, a few moments is fine simply snuff it out after 7 minutes.

👑Do not use the same chime candle for a different use. Very important! 🤗

🌺Place a drop behind each ear and one each on your wrist and in between the collar bone. As you are placing each drop on yourself, see what you want manifesting!

🌺 This can be used on others for your benefit. If you know you're going to see somebody that you want to use this on without their knowing put one drop in the palms of your hands rub them together. Shaking their hand, a touch on the body or a hug is all you need to transfer onto them!

💎You can use this in a bath, simply place seven drops into a very warm bath AFTER you draw the water. Soak and visualize your desires coming to be.

🌟❤️Again loves it is very common for our clients to contact us after they place an order telling us that it is already working before they receive. 🤗

🔥Your energy literally transfers when you are looking at a product that you want and you purchase angels.  💋 

👑There are multiple times you can use this particular bottle : it should last you 3-6 months give or take depending on useage. 

👑 Her bottle is the size of a small plum or 50ml. 

💕Pure oil Is undiluted, it's like your favorite perfume; you purchase the regular perfume at a fraction of what you'd pay for the parfum. This is the parfum.  🤗

💎👑Stunning bottle!

👑This breathtaking bottle holds atop an beautiful antiqued gold outlining a purple winged enamel dragonfly with a rhinestone tail with wings that span out over the bottle. The top of the bottle itself has a scrolling antique matte gold lattice type scroll work that hugs the entire bottle with smaller enamel purple dragonflies with rhinestones resting in between each and every dragonfly. Two pink rhinestones glow and sparkle for her eyes. This bottle will last you for many many years after you have used her oil. 🌟❤️

❤️Remember sweethearts we don't offer what we think might work, we only offer what we know works!❤️

🤗This is a very rare opportunity for one lucky client to experience the benefits of this celebrity oil! 

💋🤗When we have product left over from our celebrity line, we do offer it to our email subscribers first. Typically our celebrity oils are done in the spring and summer time. We usually have one or two bottles left over. These truly are the actual bottles and the actual pure oil that is sent out to our celebrity clients❤️

😉You all know to grab it as soon as you decide you must have it because it will sell out! 

 ❤️ Pure Oil sent out to you priority shipping and is currently ready to go! So if this is the only thing you're ordering you will receive this nearly immediately. 











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