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💰 Aimant D'argenture💰

💲This pure oil is literally crafted for our celebrity clients loves!  This is the actual bottle and the actual oil that is sent out to our celebrities. 🤗

🤗💲We have two left from the batch and are offering it to our email subscribers first🤗😘

💎💕There is only one more Pure Celebrity Oil we will offer loves this season. 

Pure oil loves from our celebrity line are waited for a yearly we only offer a couple when they're sold out that's it until next year loves ❤️ Grab it now! 🌟They sell out super fast! 

💲 Our celebrity clients that use Aimant D'argenture are in the movie industry, films, television, commercials, game show hosts, radio personalities; recently in the past few years we have picked up several social influencers, our singer and songwriters are in a vast variety of music genres everything from rap to country and in between. If you are already involved within the industry this will help get you ahead, if you are attempting to get into this industry with a commanding attention attitude, this will help!

🌹This oil has a tendency to give a much stronger presence, very boss like demeanor, commanding attention and it will be given without hesitation. When you are seen and heard in the celebrity ring obviously you make more money !💰💰💰🤗 

💰💲Crafted with our top of the line Celebrity favorite VIP Elite wealth oils to include: Midas, Extravagance & Millionaire) fresh ritualized herbs crafted for extreme wealth, 24kgold, copper, diamond dust, platinum, rose gold, charged jade, citrine, onyx, and few other blessed crystals along with our secret ingredients of course. 💋 

💰If you are a journalist or a screenplay writer, novelist and the like, this oil will literally become your inspiration, light bulb that went on and suddenly you are writing liquid gold. 

💲 Created under intense old Voodoo and Demon rituals  bound with Clauneck, Nitika, Valac, Bime, Midas, Mammon & Lucifer. THESE ARE THE STRONGEST WEALTH  DEMONS & YOU ABSOLUTELY WANT THIS TEAM WORKING FOR YOU! 

🌟You needn't worry about Voodoo or demon magick loves, we have already done the work with these demons, properly honored them and they are bound to us to do the work of the client. 😈  You are totally safe!

💰🌟A surge of power, heightened intuition, & and a steady stream of Good Fortune will suddenly occur❤️🧲💰 

$ More often you use this the more incredible your results

💲  Dizziness, light headedness, extreme focus and vivid dreams have all been reported. This is normal and passes quickly. The dreams will have meaning so pay attention to them.

💲This does not and will not affect any other money working you have done are doing or are scheduled to have done! 

How to use;

💲 Always shake the bottle prior to using it. Not vigorously loves, make sure you hold the jewel dragonfly like cap and the bottom of the bottle then shake it slowly six times. Watch the bottle as you're doing this.

💲Use a chime candle, a white or gold chime or household candle. Carve your initials and date of birth into the candle only

💲 Put 6 drops of oil in the palm of your hands and rub them together, then rub the candle up from the bottom to the top, repeat that motion untill coated while visualizing exactly what you want for each use. See it loves! 

After a few moments, thank aloud these demons for helping you in your own words. 

Show then what you want. Visualize it as vividly as you can, take them through every single detail, smell the moment taste the moments; see it from your soul.

Light the candle. It is only necessary to keep it lit for 6 minutes. Stare into the flame, again seeing what you want. Get lost in the moment. It is not necessary to stare into the candle the entire 6 minutes a few moments is fine.  simply snuff it out after 6 minutes then dispose.. Do not use the same chime candle once you are done.  Very important! 🤗

💲Place a drop on each of your wrists. As you are placing each drop on yourself, see money flowing to you. See whatever goal for the day manifesting! 

💰 Several of our celebrities have told us that they often wear this on days they have a meeting and the outcome is always what they wanted if not better. 

💲 Emergency work, need cash today? Bathe in a warm bath with 6 drops of oil, Wear it as directed and burn two gold chime candles. This must be done just before sunrise 💲

💰You can use this in a non-emergency daily bath, simply place six drops into a very warm bath. Soak and visualize money and riches flowing to you effortlessly,.

💲Effects are near immediate! Again loves it is very common for our clients to contact us after they place an order telling us that it is already working before they receive. 🤗Your energy literally transfers when you are looking at a product that you want and you purchase angels. Very simple.  💋

💰You can use the oil for multiple desires money-wise anything with financial want need or desire you can use this.

Be as specific as you possibly can loves. Asking for a million dollars without reason is always insulting to any entity you are working with. Keep in mind the industry that these are created for, if you are not currently involved within the industry this is not for you. If you are in the process of getting into the industry yes this will help you. 

💰There are multiple times you can use this particular bottle : it should last you 3 months to a year depending on how often you are using.

Our Pure oils differ from our regular oils in the sense that this is equivalent to the  parfum oil of your favorite high-end perfume as opposed to actual perfume. 💋 Pure oils are not as thick as regular oils.

💰 Since dragonflies are often considered a symbol of Good Fortune, and certainly attracts commands and draws attention, this is the chosen vessel to hold it. I would also like to add that the entities that we work with and call upon for each of our celebrity oils actually choose the vessel for us. Several clients have emailed us complimenting our bottles and it is not us that chooses the bottle my loves. 💋

 🌹Comes in a beautiful matte translucent white glass bottle with gorgeous enamel green dragonflies hugging the entire circumference of the 1 oz bottle separated by clear rhinestones. 

🌟The gorgeous cash color green rhinestone encrusted dragonfly cap has wings that spread outward away from the bottle giving it the appearance of flying and it's tail is just as long, drops down to a slender long wand. Best part it screws on! No worry about spillage!

🤗This is another incredible smelling oil! Has a refreshingly bold , energizing commanding scent with notes of almond, fig & bergamot. 

This bottle will last you for several years as decor when you have used your oil. 

❤️Remember sweethearts we don't offer what we think might work, we only offer what we know works!❤️

🤗This is a very rare opportunity for two lucky clients to experience this oil

😉You all know to grab it as soon as you decide you must have it because it will sell out! 🤗💋❤️

 ❤️This is sent out to you priority shipping and is currently ready to go so if this is the only thing you're ordering you will receive this nearly immediately. 











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