Employment Oil

Employment Oil

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💲💰Our infamous Employment Oil! 💲💰

💫This Oil was created to manifest, control, dominate & lure employment opportunities to you! 

⭐Can be used to climb the corporate ladder, crush your competition when looking for employment, transfer positions, ace every interview, leave a lasting impression!  etc. you want and having a little luck on your side would benefit you greatly. 

🌟Bold and powerful scent, crafted during St. Expedite ritual to ensure fast results

💫Directions for use:

💰Use on a white, yellow or green chime candle depending upon your specific need. 

🎉Carve your initials into the candle with dollar signs around your name. 

 Coat the candle with the oil. Usually a couple of drops in the palms of your hands and rubbing the candle from the bottom to the top is sufficient

🕯️Light the candle, say aloud your desire with conviction!

🌟Stare into the flame for a few moments allow it to burn approximately 7 to 10 minutes. 

🌟⭐Visualize you getting gainful employment, a position that you specifically desire, more money, negotiations gone very well, whatever it is that you desire see it happening.

💰Can be worn on your pulse points daily or when you have something of urgency that you definitely want done now

💲This can also be put into shampoos, body lotions, body washes & bubble baths! 

💫More often you use the better your results! 

💫This oil is a wonderful addition to any of our  business or employment candles!









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