Stay with Me Oil

Stay with Me Oil

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❤️ Stay With Me 💞

❤️This my loves is an absolute must if you are with a partner that is dealing with an outside person thats either trying to get their attention or you feel is just trouble! You want them to have the courage to tell them to go away and let them know they are a bother!  This will help you achieve exactly that!

💞🔮❤️This is another super super easy oil to use! All you need to do is take two drops rub it in the palm of your hands and run it up your forearms. Make sure you are wearing this when you are around your partner. They will subconsciously understand what needs to happen, without you needing to constantly nag them about it.  

🔮❤️💞You can also put this in any of your bath products, hair products, wear this as a perfume. Especially when you are around your partner!

😘This is the best way the and the very quickest way to get your partner to Stay with you and remove the other trouble maker from your lives. 











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