Diamond Elite Celebrity Pure Ritual Oil

Diamond Elite Celebrity Pure Ritual Oil

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⚜️Our special crown jewel in our celebrity oils loves.

⚜️Literally crafted during Legion of the 72 Angels ritual and completed during ceremony.

⚜️ Charged on my alters for a full year, then poured into the gorgeous vessel before shipping out to the user. 

⚜️There are literally 72  NATURAL ingredients that make up this oil & it smells of a soft angelic white fluffy cloud on a warm breezy day. 

🕊️For extreme cases loves, this oil was not created when you want to beat your competition, win a Grammy or be the next Cindy Crawford.  This is for our spiritually pure of heart clients who are very serious in practice, perform rituals, and do have strong beliefs in Spirit, Angels, Guides, Guardians, Orishas, Goddesses & Gods or the like.  

🕊️Are seeking or have been seeking out the best of the best to help achieve a result for greater good.

 ⚜️For example, a loved one and their health. That's an example loves of greater good. Expecting nothing in return. 

⚜️We have had numerous reports of complete healing loves. When told nothing more can be done, then suddenly it does! Can't Tell you how many emails we receive telling us. 

⚜️This is ONLY offered to clients in special circumstances whom I feel would benefit from this oil. 

⚜️Directions for use will be emailed to you before you receive your oil,  for there is a ritual you will need to do to acclimate the energy of the Angels to your energy. Very important. 

👑The vessel is a substantial weighty dreamy and magickal completely rhinestone jewel encrusted crown with shades of purple, white and black sparkly rhinestones! Top screws off so no spilling! 

👑The inside is a heavyweight glass holding approximately 3.4 Oz of the oil. This should last several months depending upon use. 












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