Prowless Oil

Prowless Oil

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❤️🐆 Prowless Oil"🐆❤️

💋 For our cougars out there looking to attract a younger man or several younger men! 

💋This oil does work my loves hands down no question about it! Moon can attest to it! 😊Whether you're looking for a little bit of fun or are interested in a more serious relationship this oil will help you do whatever it is that your little cougar heart desires!💋

🪄Directions for use:

💋On a red or pink chime candle, white if you do not have either, carve your initials into the candle or if you know who you want your target to be carve his or her initials into the candle. 

❤️Take two drops of the oil starting from the bottom to the top rub it into the candle.

💋Visualize exactly what you want every single detail get lost in that moment, literally see it. Once you have achieved what you desire light the candle.

🌙Gaze into the flame watching the color variations transpire. Allowed to burn for 7 minutes minimum or allow it to completely burn out. 

❤️Start using this oil after the activation is complete. Use one drop on each wrist one drop on the sides of your neck one drop between your cleavage and when you know you're going to be around your target if you have one please one drop on your navel. 

❤️I assure you my loves that the animal magnetism that comes to life once you found your target or targets will be undescribably delightful!

❤️The more often you use this the more amazing the results are. You can use this in any type of bath products , such as shampoos, conditioners or body washes. Put a couple of drops on your bed sheets if you know you're going to lower your targets to the bedroom, I promise you you will not regret doing that! 

💋The scent is lusty and exotic with a touch of erotic. Blended with magical herbal ingredients that quite frankly are mind-blowing! 24 karat gold, diamond dust, amethyst, ruby, and shungite are also included in each and every bottle. 

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