Large Clear Crystal Points

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The Energy Clearing Stone! 

 These beauties will serve you well loves when you want to clear your energy! These stones will often shatter once they have served their purpose for you. They hold and take in all of your negative energy as well as any negativity around you!

These are fantastic to put around your home if you have Spirit activity that you would like to be rid of. This will help assist in getting rid of the malicious energy.* Do not misunderstand me & that there are other things that you would need to utilize, please email me if you are in fact having a problem with something of this nature*

You will be able to see this Crystal working for you loves it will show inflections and cracks in the crystal! You will need to hold this Crystal so you can feel its energy pulsing within your hand loves; literally pulsing in your hand. 

We have several clients that utilize this Crystal for panic attacks and hold on to it when they feel a panic attack coming on. This assists in subsiding attacks, any attack of Spiritual magnitude. 

Other than appearing clear to the eye, this high vibrational stone is also believed to bring clarity to those who carry it. It is also one of the stones most associated with inner healing and spiritual growth. 

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