Custom Conjure Oils

Custom Conjure Oils

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💫💫💫Our Custom Conjure Oils are done specifically for the individual ordering my loves. 🌛🪙🌛

Here's how this works🌛

You tell us the entity or type of entity you want to work with. For example; Faire, Angel, Demon, incubus, succubus, or jinn. The entity that you personally choose will depend on how the oil is created for you as well as how you will activate and use the oil. instructions will be emailed to you. 🌛

This particular offering is only listed every couple of years because it takes a great deal of time energy and focus my loves. 🤗

You should already have an idea of who you're wanting to work with we will not make suggestions for this particular oil. This is a very personalized item that is literally created for you. 🤗

🌛Approximate time frame to create this oil is anywhere from two weeks to a month. Moon only does conjuring twice monthly so depending upon when you place your order will depend on when your oil is created. 

💫The vessel that the oil will be stored in will literally be one that your particular entity has personally chosen.💫

🌛Feel free to email us asking any particular questions you may have pertaining to the oil. Again we will not suggest who but can suggest a type for you. 🌛

Sent out priority shipping, UPS or DHL depending on where you are ordering from. 

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