Custom Ritual Package

Custom Ritual Package

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🌜4 Weeks of scheduled custom rituals.🌜 

❤️Can be used for yourself or you can gift some to a loved one

🌜Can be used for anything you personally desire loves. Examples: 

❤️Rituals on Love, Self Love,New Love, Bringing back a lover. Anything to do with love 

🔥Rituals on Business, Employment, anything to do with bettering your career field 

🔮Health; improvement, weight loss, gain, management, arthritis issues, anything to do with health

🔮These are just a few examples of the many options you have loves. This particular package is wonderful for those that are actively working towards something and are wanting definitive results. 

💗Your customized ritual will begin on the same exact day of the week for four consecutive weeks. 

❤️This will not interfere with any other workings you are doing or have had done it will in fact assist you in boosting anything you have previously done within a 6-month to 1 year time frame. 

❤️Your ritual package includes all tools necessary including but not limited to; 7-Day candles, 30-day candle, figure candles, oils, herbs, offerings, crystals, anything necessary in order to perform your ritual is included. As well as an initial energy clearing candle to clear your energy field. 

❤️Will include any necessary custom candles during the course of the month. For example unforeseen that blockages, additional protection, an uncrossing. Anything my loves that comes up will be included not to exceed 4 additional candles.

❤️This does not include any specialized rituals but is above and beyond. So full moon, new moon Equinox Rituals, things of that nature are not included. 

❤️No discounts can be utilized on this package. For our clients that regularly utilize our products and services you understand what a huge savings and offer this is.

❤️There is no shipping charge loves because it does not ship out. 

❤️You will receive weekly photographs as well as time set aside where we discuss your working via email. 

❤️Please contact us via email prior to purchase to make sure that this is something that you can in fact use.

🌜You can perform the same exact ritual every week if you like, however it is more than likely that you will want to change it or based on the recommendation of moon proceed with what she suggests.



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