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🌠CELEBRITY LINE🌠 💖DESIRE ME DEADLY 30 day burn ATTRACTION CANDLE! Yes, celebrities do in fact use our candles and products!💖 ❤️ GORGEOUS, POWERFUL Huge candle! 12 inches by 4 inches and made for celebrities! Several have asked about our celebrity line. So we decided to debut during Moons Birthday Week one of our most ordered by the celebrities themselves; our Deadly Attraction Candle!🌠🌠🌠 Why they love this! This line is a heavyweight 4 lbs or more, CUSTOM POURED for each individual, using a three day crafting process with wax charged under the moon cycle to give it additional Magical properties. The desires are carved deep in the candle, resealed, dressed in the most incredibly gorgeous herbs and flowers, dripping in our line of celebrity oils which have 24k gold, crushed garnets, rubies and onyx to name a few then blessed, charged again and shipped out to you! This can be used in addition to the Celebrity Desire me Deadly Attraction jar. DO NOT BURN THIS ON TOP OF THE JAR! This can be burned an hour daily after shaking your jar and your effects will be nearly immediate! When lighting this, focus on your intentions, SEE it happening. Light the candle. Reflect positive thoughts only while staring at the flame. There is POWER in fire AND your thoughts loves. Choose those thoughts wisely💖 Go about your night business. 🌠Best to do at sundown nightly. 🌠 This candle will last 30-35 days. Results can take up to 3 mths, and be felt upon crafting! They will DREAM about you! Desire you, want only you and results are super wicked fast! Deadly Attraction has helped several clients get their target eating out of the palm of their hand 💖🌠 This is a definite for those who purchase the dmd jar. 🌠 You can use this alone as well. However, in conjunction with the deadly attraction jar the results are INCREDIBLE! Why it is a best seller with the famous loves. We don't sell what we think won't work or might work, we know it works! 😉 Please email me with any questions you may have or information you would like to give me regarding the creation of your DA candle. Each one is done for each individual specifically. These usually take three weeks to create loves. Please be patient. Everything we do is custom done, for each client, nothing is stock, and everything is hand crafted. 💞❤️💋 Comes with 30 sticks of incense and 30 hells notes. Use one each daily, burn contents of notes when the candle is complete & outdoors. Hand made & custom multi colored Australian Crystal window decoration included✨🌷 These are stunning! Pics don't do them justice! NEVER EVER LEAVE CANDLE BURNING WHEN YOU ARE NOT HOME OR SLEEPING. SNUFF OUT BURNING MORE THAN AN HOUR WILL NOT EXPEDITE RESULTS AND CAN BE COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. *Curio item not used to treat diagnose or replace any professional required to treat a condition.

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