Desire Me Deadly Bath Soak

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❤️✨❤️Here it is, the Desire Me Deadly bath salt scrub!!!! Our regular customers know that this is literally only put out once a year and it's done in limited quantities loves. 

❣️ The ingredients used to create our Desire Me Deadly line literally take us approximately 10 to 12 months. Usually 10 months of working the ingredients and approximately two months for us to create the product line itself. 

❣️Each year we use a different glass container, this year it has a unique raised pattern in the glass itself, I did attempt to take a good picture of the jar..😊 as you all know my picture taking skills are seriously lacking. LOL

Included is one 20 oz glass jar of the decadent smelling seduction in a jar❤️❤️

✨❤️Made with our well-known desire me deadly oils and we infuse that into our salt scrub which foams up when it touches the skin with water of course, 😊. It's a very lush creamy amazing product and your skin will glow beautifully. 

❤️✨Additionally there are charged gemstones throughout the entire blend, diamond dust, gold silver and platinum, and our special sacred blend of fresh herbs that go through a process here in order to be able to use them in your salt. ❤️✨

❤️This can be used with your other desire me deadly products to give a quadruple effect! if you do have the other products, they usually sell out within less than six hours my loves, or alone. This will not interfere with anything else you're working on. 

✨✨❤️You can also use the salt soak as well as the body wash with your partner. all that they need to know is that you've got some amazing smelling stuff and you're going to use it in your routine of washing.

  ✨❣️All of our products are created so when you do have company or your target happens to be in your presence in your space nobody needs to know exactly what it is.❤️

Directions for use:

❤️If you are able to put candles in your bathtub area to create a calm serene environment.

💓Play some meditation music, youtube has some outstanding meditation music. 

💓It is perfectly okay to put in rose petals into your bath water as well however it is not necessary to do this❤️

❤️Poor approximately 1/4 cup into very warm to hot bath water

 ❤️Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes, but no more than 40, while visualizing as clearly as possible your target wanting you, lusting you and finally see it happening. Inhale be sent let it engulf you and bring you to the exact moment where you can visualize your desires happening ❤️

❤️Pat yourself dry, do not rigorously dry yourself off you want to pat the skin gently. 

❤️These are best utilized on Friday or Saturday evening after the sun goes down

❤️If you missed out on the other Desire Me ❤️ Deadly products you will not be disappointed in this one


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