Desire Me Deadly Oil

Desire Me Deadly Oil

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❤️💋Our Yearly Magickal Offering is Back Loves!🌙❤️💋

❤️Desire Me Deadly Oil☺️

💋Our number One Best selling celebrity oil and we offer it yearly, in limited quantities in a smaller bottle so it is more affordable! 🤗

❤️Many have preorderd last year so you will automatically receive your oil, we always craft more for our new clients and clients that wanted to wait.... Here's your chance!🤗❤️

❤️🔥❤️The Deadly line is our most  sought after ingredient line and ritualized crafting. We ARE the original creators loves, actually our ancestors passed the working down. So technically the work of those before us go into this as well. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

💋The DMD line is used for the following:

❤️Any and ALL things related to love even the HARDEST of targets

❤️ Be noticed IMMEDIATELY, be alluring and mystical.


❤️ Makes you feel powerful in control & unstoppable loves!  

❤️Bring your target closer in proximity if they live in another state

❤️Helps influencers gain more followers, Models get more work, Actors and Actresses obtain more opportunities.❤️

❤️Helps with drawing in multiple partners should you desire

❤️Renews a stale relationship bringing in a period of bliss you had forgotten about

❤️Atrract and obtain a marriage proposal

❤️ Spice up your sex life

❤️Get the guy or girl you have been watching from afar EVEN if they are in relationships with another! 

💋Just a few of the many opportunities this line helps with loves! This is THE oil you want to have when working on anything at all dealing with love.

🔥Direction for use; 🔥

❤️Take a RED or PINK chime candle and carve your target if you have one OR your initials into the candle. (White is you have neither)

❤️Place two drops of oil on your palms, rub together and from the bottom of the candle to the top & rub the oil in. 

❤️Place candle in the chime holder

❤️Place photos or other memories,if had in front of the candle. NOT NECESSARY if you don't have any. 

❤️Before lighting, close your eyes and thank Spirit for helping with what you are manifesting, in your own words. Leaving 2 pennies or a thimble or rum as an offering.If you have neither then water is fine. 

❤️Light the candle and stare at the flame 🔥 for a few moments while visualizing what you want SEE every single detail and hold on to the image for a few seconds. 

❤️Allow chime to burn at least 7 minutes, can allow it to completely burn out, but not necessary. After 7, minutes it is ready for use. 

❤️As with all of our oils, unless otherwise indicated, these can be used in your haircare products, bath products & laundry by putting in a few drops . (no more than 7 drops) 

❤️The more you use DMD oil the better and longer lasting your result and outcome! 

❤️Will not interfere with any working you're doing but will rather HELP you obtain a stronger result

❤️DMD line is crafted during ritual under the full moon cycles with dedication to Lilith, Oshun & Venus using our blend of special herbs & ingredients pleasing to the deities mentioned. The oil is just about the most intoxicatingly heated sexy magickal, & desirable aroma we craft. Sort of a dark honey amber with notes of champagne jasmine rose and a dash of cinnamon with amethyst, diamond dust, gold and cherry quartz rolled in to this INCREDIBLE OIL! 

🔥❤️EXTREMELY LIMITED LOVES! This is a yearly offering, once it is gone, it is TRULY gone until next Valentine's Day! I encourage you to purchase now before you miss out! ❤️🔥

❤️This is also a WONDERFUL addition to the DMD candle, spray, or any of our DMD offerings, layers make it BETTER loves!





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