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✨Enchanted Bubble Bath 🌠

From our celebrity product line! ❤️

Luxury Bubble Bath created for clearing, protection, love, employment, money, sex, blockbuster, attraction, goddess, marriage, fidelity, weight loss, basically ANY candle we offer we can create a incredibly dreamy smelling bubble bath for! 😘❤️💋

Magical gorgeous iridescent glass perfume bottle that can be reused once wash is gone to hold anything that you want! ❤️

❤️ I literally have these all over my house in windows to reflect the sunlight ❤️

❤️Super fast shipping on these beauties if this is all you are purchasing. ❤️😘Each is filled with my blend of oils which smell amazing and last all day on your body! So if you want the attraction wash, heads will turn!💋

🌸My OWN blend of oils special made FOR you are infused directly into the creation of your bubble bath, charged crystals; plus a few other secret ingredients! Each has a flower in the gel as well.

🌸This is a way to add additional punch to anything you are working on loves! Scent literally lingers all day!

🔮You can be magical, mysterious and subtle at the same time! 🤗

❤️💋 Please tell me what bubble bath you want in comments section when checking out

❤️😘 You will not be sorry you ordered these!❤️😘😘 Curio only

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