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🌺🌟🐝🌟🌺The spring equinox is nearly upon us loves! A time where we shed anything that weighs us down, this particular spring equinox is going to be extenuinously uplifting. With the pandemic nearing an end we can all breathe easier, and look forward to the tremendous blessings that are coming for us! 🌟🌟🌺🌙

 🌟🐝🌤️The date of the spring equinox is March 20th. Our hours of daylight will be longer daily the temperatures will begin to warm up regularly, flowers will bloom & birds will sing again setting the tone for summer solstice, which is approximately 92 and 1/2 days from the spring equinox. 💫❣️❤️🥂

🌙🌺🌟Our Equinox oil is a lovely tribute to your rituals, candle burnings, meditation, prayer, and your annual spring cleaning!  It assists in opening up your energy to receiving things that will serve you well, it rides you of things that no longer do. Several of our clients are surprised at the things that no longer serve them and they are in fact removed. You want this loves. 

Some of the uses and benefits of this oil are:

Bringing transformation & positivity 

❤️New Love

❤️Increased Fertility

❤️Renewed Love

🔥 Increased sexual desire

🪄Improved Health

🪄Improved Well Being

🌹Shed heaviness of things that no longer serve you

💰Opens up your cash flow

☸️Opens up ALL Chakras putting them back in balance

🥾Positive new exciting endeavors

👔Businesses suddenly flourish

🦋Creative energy surge

🔮Writers block lifts

🕯️Production of goods services dramatically increase

🔥This acts as a boosting agent for any weight loss working

💗Acting jobs, modeling jobs, singing, social media influencing all suddenly and dramatically take off

🤗You feel uplifted, depression dissipates

🥰Your energy levels will soar until your body finds a comfortable balance and it will stay there. Many have asked how Crystal and myself are able to maintain and sustain our energetic caring loving and supportive disposition, this is the oil that we use as a perfume. Honestly every single day you both use this.

🧯This oil will protect and shield you from any negative forces

😘🪄🌹🪄There are SO many benefits from this oil loves. Truly this is a very shortened list of the positive benefits you will receive. 

🐝🌻💐🌺🌸🌷Its vessel is a gorgeous gold rope lattice with vibrant enamel flowers in the colors of spring engulfing the entire bottle! Tiny rhinestones adorn the circumference of the 4.5 oz frosted glass bottle. A gold and black enamel honey bee floats atop a pink enamel flower.  

🧧This oil was crafted during last years equinox honoring Moma Oshun and has been curing ever since. It has been ritually charged each and every month to ensure the power and energy each and every bottle holds. 

💗💗The smell is a beautiful soft magical springtime renewal sent with notes of honey, amber along with our special blend of ingredients and herbs that are infused into the oil along with 24 karat gold, diamond dust, amethyst, cherry quartz, rose quartz, gold citrine and turquoise. 

🌷🌺🌸Each and every bottle has been blessed by Moon, is cleansed and will be cleansed and additional time prior to shipping out. 

If you are wanting this oil, please order this by itself loves because it will ship out immediately, if you are ordering other items it will delay your receiving this in time potentially.

🔮🌷🔮Also comes with a intuitively chosen crystal. It will also be cleansed, blessed and charged. 

🌷🌷🔮💗💗This oil has multiple uses my loves and should very well last you until the summer solstice. You can utilize it in your bath water, your shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, laundry, in your cleaning water. You can also take a few drops on a cloth and wipe down the entrances to your home and inside your car door. 

🌙Instructions for initial use are as follows;  

🕯️Take a pink, light blue, purple or white chime candle please two drops and rub it on the candle from the bottom to the top. Place a thimble of honey next to the candle, this is an offering for Moma Oshun. It is not necessary to carve anything in the candle unless you are wanting the benefits to manifest for other loved ones. If that is the case then you would carve their initials into the candle. 

🌸🌸Prior to lighting take a moment and think Moma Oshun first then ask her for the blessings of spring and renewal. There is no wrong way to ask my love's. She is a beautiful and loving Orisha. When you are finished let her know that the honey is for her.  Light the candle. Feel it's warmth get lost in the glow for as long as you would like, there are no time frames with this one. 

🌸🌸When you are finished if there is any parts of the candle still left simply extinguish it and throw the remains into the trash. 

🌺🌸You are now ready to utilize your oil as you wish!

💗💗This comes to you beautifully gift boxed and packaged in a priority shipping box or the shipping service for your specific country. 

🌷🌜❤️Again my love this is a limited offering specifically for spring so if you would like a bottle do not hesitate now is the time! 







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