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💲💰💱🪙This is for those wanting a flux of cash flow from any source to include surprise checks, lost money owed to you, inheritance, surprise gifts, stock market gains, home value increase, portfolio increase, finding cash in places you'd least expect, increase in business clients, donations, kickstarter increase, social media gains for influencers; (this is especially good for those with online businesses). The gains are limitless loves! 🪙💱💲

💰Crafted during rituals done honoring St. Expedite during a series of New Moon cycles.  St Expedite brings cash fast! So expect your flow to increase quickly loves! 

⚜️Created with real money pieces, 24k gold, ritualized blend of extreme money attraction herbs, crystals for extreme wealth & our own tried and true magical blends to bring forth cash. 

💰You will receive the following; 

🪙1 12 oz glass embossed jar packed with energy and money flowing ingredients listed above

💱7 green candles to burn one daily for 7 days

🌛1 large Crystal 🔮

💰1 oz bottle of our Extra Extreme Wealth oil. This is actually from our Celebrity diamond line, offered in much smaller bottle to make it affordable for all. 

💰1 jumbo green candle rolled in 24k gold, gold dust and dripping in our Midas Celeb Pro Oil with money herbs attached in a separate bag

⚜️This will not hurt any other working you've done or are intending to do but rather help manifest the outcome quicker

⚜️Directions for use as follows: 

🪙Slowly roll the money jar in your hands when you receive it. Do this for at least 5 to 10 minutes this allows the energy to attach itself to your hands

💰Three small drops of the oil and rub it around the jar. You're actually going to rub it on the glass my loves. Not the top. 

💰Take one drop and rub it from the bottom to the top of the green candle, do this for each candle additionally you can wear this oil either alone or with your other perfumes, in your shampoos your body washes anything or anywhere that you were going to physically be. This will help pull money to you. 

💰Place the fluorite Crystal near your wallet or purse or on top of bills that you would like to have paid. You can also please this on your altar, in your workspace or anywhere you're going to be relatively close to the crystal. Green Fluorite helps bring money to you.

🪙You're going to take the larger green candle and attach it firmly to the top of the jar. This could be done by taking a match or a lighter and dripping wax from the bottom of the candle onto the top of the jar then placing the candle firmly in the wax and allowing it to dry. 

🪙Prior to lighting you are going to thank whomever you are working with, Spirit for example,  for helping you with your money flow goals. 

🪙Light the candle while visualizing money coming to you. This candle can be burned for approximately 20 minutes every day until it is completed. 

🪙Once that candle has completed you are going to do the following;

🪙Everyday at the same time frame you're going to take one of the seven green candles attach it firmly on top of the jar. This can be done by taking a match or a lighter and dripping some of the wax on top of the jar then placing the candle in that wax firmly holding it in place until it dries.

🪙Then you were going to visualize money flowing to you, take a moment to thank the deity that you are currently working with. If you do not have someone that you work with I will make some suggestions however thanking Spirit is always a good idea.

🌛Light the candle and allow it to completely burn out. These are relatively quick burn candles so it should only take 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

🌛When the candle is burned out simply wipe off the top of your jar dispose of the candle wax and you are ready for the next day 

🌛Do not obsess over this working. You have to believe that it's going to work so as soon as you have lit your candles and they have finished burning do not think about money for the rest of the day. Obsessing over working is what creates and hinders a manifestation from coming true loves.  

🪙It is very common for clients to email us after receiving their package telling us that they received a windfall of some sort. This absolutely does work loves. Remember do not obsess over the money working loves. It will work.

🌛 Comes to you beautifully packaged and shipped out priority shipping

🌛Typical time frame before you see results is anywhere from immediately through 3 months. 🤗 The results from the actual working itself last up to 3 months. 





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