Aphrodite Pure Oil/ Celebrity Line

Aphrodite Pure Oil/ Celebrity Line

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❤️Crafted under several Aphrodite rituals! 

😉Love, sex, lust, seduction extreme arousal all with passion.Your desire, your fantasy, your will.💋💕🔥

💋This pure oil is literally crafted for our celebrity clients. We have one left and are offering it to the first person that cleans it .💕

This has been ritualized under 2 years of full moons, sex rituals and Aphrodite rituals. There is literally one bottle left! 

💋Crafted with pure oils, fresh herbs, crystals then blended with our DMD oil, Smells like a light musty amber with plum cherry and jasmine notes. 

🌹This euphoric oil gives an almost out of body experience a little bit goes a very long way. Dizziness has been reported that is perfectly okay on your targets LOL either way it does pass very quickly. 

🔮This also allows you to literally nearly hypnotize your target you don't need to be in their presence for this to work however if you are my oh my you will see it in action. 🤗😘You will suddenly just know what to do. 💋🔥

💖 If using a candle, use a red or white chime or household candle. Carve your targets initials and date of birth if known on to the candle. 

❤️ Put seven drops of oil in the palm of your hands and rub the candle up from the bottom to the top repeat that motion seven times while visualizing exactly what you want to happen say their name out loud, for a few seconds then say Aphrodite I thank you for your blessings. See with me what I want. Then visualize iexactly what you want, vividly; hold on to that as long as you can. Light the candle. It is only necessary to keep it lit for 7 minutes. Stare into the flame thinking of the different things you would like to happen to your target. Get lost in the moment. It is not necessary to stare into the candle the entire 7 minutes a few moments is fine simply snuff it out after 7 minutes.

❤️💋🔥 If by chance you have the opportunity to use this on your target in person, 🔥🔥🔥, it will be the most amazing experience you have ever had in your entire life. 🔥❤️💋🤗

💋Seven drops of oil placed one behind each year, beside of your neck your wrist and the front of your neck. As you are placing each drop on your body see your target doing exactly what you want to happen. See your reaction see his reaction see everything. Again you will say their name, pause think Aphrodite ask her to see your vision and manifest it

🤗You can use this in a bath, while you have other workings going on, added to any other candle you may have❤️ 

🤗Effects are immediate and last through 7 days. You can use on different people different sexes there is no limit to the different uses. ❤️ 

🌹There are multiple times you can use this particular bottle : it should last you 6 months to a year. 

🌹 Comes in a beautiful frosted red glass bottle with a strip of gold embossed antiqued brass looking decor that flutes on top and around the entire bottle, with red jasper stones the top is a blood red cardinal with a rhinestone sash sitting atop a bed of flowers with a yellow flower prominently in front

❤️This absolutely works my loves💕🔥 This is a very rare opportunity for one lucky client to experience this oil. Honestly we only truly have one left, when we have product left over from our regular celebrity line we do offer it to our email subscribers first. ❤️












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