🔥 Fire n Honey Oil💕

🔥 Fire n Honey Oil💕

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🔥 Fire n 🍯 Honey Oil

❤️Crafted specifically for Valentine's Day every four years, and this is that year loves! It's finally back! So many of our clients have been asking for this oil however we can only create it every 4 years due to the ingredients and makeup of this oil. Grab it now because once these sell out it will be another 4 years before we have them again loves ❤️ 

💕Fire n Honey is a special ritualized blend of extremely high-end ingredients, which are crafted under vortex rituals! Moon did go on her pilgrimage this year to create many oils and other products that we only offer when she does loves! 

💕Each bottle is special in its own right because it is a beautiful pink and clear glass makeup which holds one fluid ounce of remarkable blended oils which smell divine! If sparkling magick had a scent loves this would be it! It is very uplifting, commands being noticed and heard! When using this oil you immediately and instantaneously know that whatever you desire will come to be.  

💕All matters having to do with love it can be manifested with this oil.

❤️For example;

💕Drawing a lover closer to you

❤️Binding a target to you

💕Marriage proposals

❤️Having a lover spend more time with you

❤️Having your partner make you feel more important

❤️Having your partner show you how important you are to them

💕These are just a few examples of uses for this oil. 

❤️Activation prior to using this oil is required. You're going to want to meld your energy with the energy of this oil. 

❤️All you simply need to do is light either a white red or pink chime candle, carve your targets initials along with yours in the candle. Take three drops of the oil rub it in your palms of your hands then from the bottom of the candle to the top rub the oil in the candle. Visualize what you want to manifest with this candle and the oil. Literally see it happening loves I know that I say that often but I can't stress it enough the mind is a very powerful tool and it does work! When you have done this say aloud, "So Be It"! 

❤️Light your candle and allow it to burn completely out. 

❤️Your oil is now fused to you and you alone 

❤️For those of you that are unaware of the power of the vortex in Sedona Arizona, this is a great sacred place where the energy fields are plentiful and essentially the veil between the worlds is always thin. Moon is an ordained high priestess and she actually crafts these oils in Sedona Arizona in one of the most sacred places, during a vortex ceremony. 

❤️This oil is truly a testament to the phrase "every little thing she does is magick". You can feel the powerful magick in each and every bottle.

If this is calling to you we cannot stress enough to purchase it now my loves, because when this is gone as I said before it is truly gone for another 4 years. 






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