Full July Moon Oil

Full July Moon Oil

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🦌Buck Full Moon Oil 🦌

🧨Julys full moon in Capricorn is opposite the sun and Mercury in Cancer. This is the axis that describes our home lives, career, family, nurturing environments, and structures.

This particular moon calls for change in our lives and listening to our hearts more than ever. Cancer energy will tell you to stay home and rest 

The message is to know when it's time to slow down, enjoy the moment, and remember the important things in life. Let your mind, body, and soul rest.😌

🔆🌹🎉This oil was crafted to bring about positive changes in your career and home. This is the time to focus on goals having to do with any sort of career boost, promotion, more money, or shining the light on you for positive recognition. ⭐💫⭐

🎈Additionally it also can be used for changes within your home environment. This can be anything from removing a toxic relationship, inviting in a loved one, creating a calm & serene environment, peace within your space. 

🔮Rituals done specifically for either of these two areas are strongly recommend. 

🔮No activation required and you can utilize this to simply honor the blessings of the Buck Moon. Use a blue or green candle, rub three drops from the bottom to the top of the candle, place your intentions underneath the plate on which the candle is going to burn, visualize what she wants to manifest, thank Spirit or the deity that you are working with and light the candle. Dispose of the remains in a paper bag. 🌙❤️🤗





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