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🕊️🌺 Healing Jar🕊️🌺

Everybody needs healing at some point. Be it from trauma of any kind, illness, recovery, through an illness after an illness, spiritual healing, emotional healing. Healing is a process, these help your during the process.

💕These are custom done per client, beautiful 8oz aqua colored Ball mason jars! Exquisite! Plus, you have the personal option of a silver Ball top or a blue color Ball lid!

Email us at ccsisters919@gmail.com with what your specific need is so we can customize your jar. Please be as specific as possible loves. The more you share the better I can design your jar. 

👑Blended during ritual, blessed while with Oya, Oshun & Papa Legba then sprinkled with our special herbal crystal blend specifically for the individual. No two are alike loves. No healing is alike. Housed in organic old school potion, and topped with a lil bit of Magick. 

👑Directions for Usage is also customized per client. I will personally email you with your instructions on how to use. Healing is very personal so much so that with this particular jar the instructions will be different for each person.🕊️ 

 These can be worked up to 6 months but at least 3 months. 

Tealight candle is needed to burn one daily. 

Offering of water, incense, rum, chocolate, honey, flowers, eggplant or cigar are required.  

When you receive your jar, or if you're giving as a gift have them hold the jar, slowly roll the jar in both hands counterclockwise. Watch the ingredients blend together. Feel the energy connect with yours. 

Close your eyes while still rolling the jar, visualize the area you want healed actually healed. See the pain fade. See you getting better.

Say aloud  I'm free from________ whatever healing you are seeking. Take it Oshun, release and transform me Oya, Papa free me. Accept these offerings as a token of my appreciation and thanks. 

Light your candle in a safe place on top of the jar. Allow to burn out. 

Repeat daily for at least 3 months but can be worked up to 6 regularly. 

This helps soothe the mind, calm the soul and promote healing from within. Very peaceful loving tranquil warm vibe. 



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