👿 Hexing Oil

👿 Hexing Oil

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😈This hexing oil was definitely not created for those looking to resolve with white light. Though I do not believe in karma you need to be prepared for the repercussions that come along with this oil. If you tend to have a conscience and will stack the person you are using this on with bordering on obsession tendencies this is not for you. If you were able to practice magic and not think about it afterwards, do it and believe it is working as you should, then you can definitely use this oil for what you need.

😈Hexing is different than cursing. When you want ill will to happen against your target for whatever purpose this will do the job loves. Any sort of ill will. Be it an annoying neighbor to a boss, coworker former spouse or your arch enemy whatever your devious little heart desires you need to tell this particular oil what you want it to do. 

😈Activation Instructions: 

Use gloves when working with this oil loves

Carve the initials of the target into a black chime candle

Place six drops starting from the top of the candle down.

Rub the oil in the candle.

Using a piece of brown paper from a brown paper bag and black ink, write down your desires on the paper

When you have completed that place the paper underneath the chime candle

If you have a photograph of your target place that under the candle as well.  

Light the candle, visualize and allow it to burn out completely. Use your emotional anger for this oil.

Can be done for multiple people simply repeat the above. 


Do not get on clothes or skin. If this happens rinse with soap and warm water. 

Results are near immediate and the effects will last for up to 3 months. 

 Store this oil away from children & pets






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