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❤️Hoodoo Honey Jar  ❤️

Huge jars of love, protection, justice or anything you would like! These are 8 oz jars lovies!❤️

. ❤️Used to sweeten a person; be it a lover, friend, judge, coworker, boss, or situation . Examples of our Sweetener Jars; Love, Money, Heightened Abilities Protection Legal Matters Passion/Sex Glamour 🌈Simply mention in comment section what jar or jars you need. 🌺🤗

❤️A Honey Jar is often used to sweeten a person to give you a more favorable result. It can also be used for marriage, court, a job, spell success even self love! . I pack my HUGE jars with organic honeys,(I use a few) money(if you want a job or a windfall), organic fresh herbs, charged crystal's specific to the individual, chocolate, coffee & a few other special ingredients to move things along favorable. The beauty of custom is everything is done for you! 🤗

💞When you receive your Honey Jar feel free to put a personal effect of your target inside the jar or any other relevant article pertaining to your jar. I will include pictures you send me inside❤️ After opening one time I do not recommend opening it after that.

You want to use these by lighting either pink, white or red, purple, black or green candles on top depending on the jar you requested. I will tell you which color you need.

😊 You can continue to work this jar until you get the results that you are looking for. I have worked honey jars for clients for 6 months and some only two weeks. Each individual varies. 🌸 A household candle size is sufficient. . . ❤️ ❤️

Allow these to burn completely only removing the wick that is left behind and leave the wax drippings. Your sweetener jar should be messy you do not need to keep it clean looking. ❤️

Jars can be worked in addition to any other work you are doing, xoo

I truly truly enjoy making these and I absolutely love the results that come from these, if you have never tried a Sweetener Honey Jar and you're looking for different n sweet definitely give this a try.


🌸 💞I can work the jar for you if you are not able. You will receive a picture of your jar and monthly pictures of your burn. I will work it for you until you get the result you are looking for.🤗🌷

❤️Options for burn by me are 30, 60 & 90 days 😘 ❤️After 3 mths your jar will be disposed of properly

 Please email me with any questions you may have or information you would like to give me regarding the creation of your special sweetener honey Jar. Each one is done for each individual specifically.

These usually take a week to create loves. I don't just toss stuff into a jar. However you will get it sooner if I am able  💞❤️💋





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