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🌹Lilith ❤️

Are you off to referred to as the sweet girl next door, tired of being overlooked and ignored?  This crafted custom candle is perfect for you! 

❤️Become an instant  center of attention

❤️ Be admired by colleagues, peers and family. 

🌹 Reports of this candle have also helped clients get promotions and other opportunities they were formerly passed over for.

❤️ Nobody will know what happened, just that YOU are suddenly a magnet for attention. 

❣️Lilith is the goddess of love, seduction, anything taboo or off limits is certainly not off limits or taboo with Lilith! 🤗


❣️1 custom crafted candle specific to you encrusted with herbs and crystals pleasing to Lilith and dripping in our Lilith oil! 

Hell's notes 

Instructions for use

Please make sure that you email us separately with your specific desires along with your date of birth as well as your targets date of birth if you have one. 

🤗Pic shown is simply so you can see a picture loved. Ypur candle will be different however no less amazing. 

If you would like us to burn your candle you need to go to the burn my love candle listing, purchase that link only and in the comment section put in the name of the candle you would like. 🌹

❤️Remember to email your specific desires date of birth and initials, this is required for us to customize your candle.

*Results are immediate through 3 mths and last 6 mths.






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