Lilith Love Oil

Lilith Love Oil

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❤️Lilith Love Oil🔥

❤️Call on and use Lilith Love Oil when you want a wild night of passion, everyone has a different version of wild loves. This will create the version YOU see and YOU want. ❤️At Lighting speed! Lilith does not mess around when it comes to results my loves. Desire is what it is about with her sexy sassy seductive self!🔥🔥🔥 

🔥❤️Uses for Lilith: 

🔥Entice a partner in your web of passion🔥

❤️Have understated sexuality ooze from you others WILL notice! They will not know why they are drawn to you. Be it same sex or opposite sex.💜 

❤️You will radiate sexual energy loves. When you are giving off energy as strong as this people are more agreeable towards you, pleasant, flirty, compliment you constantly with a desire to be near you, touching you when normally they don't.🔥

❤️Think "magnetic dance" loves.  You will pull in many and YOU have power to choose whom you want and how you wish to proceed with them. ❤️ 

🔥Clients use Lilith for work issues, promotions, partnering, gaining clients or new work even when looking to grow a business ESPECIALLY for women.  She is a force of power loves!.

❤️💋💓🔥Lilith is the goddess  of sex, love, taboo, seduction, erotica among a few delicious things. She is a powerful Goddess celebrated by many. She will work with and FOR you to fulfill your desires & your fantasies . 😈 Nothing is off limits with Lilith! 💋❣️


🌹When you receive your Lilith oil, take time to merge your energies. Sit quietly and hold the bottle in your hands, you may experience light headedness, stomach butterflies, tingling sensation in your body and can last up to a week after burning your last candle. This is normal loves, & do not worry if you feel nothing.💋😘 

❤️Because Lilith works quickly, you'll only need to light one red chime candle, with the initials of your desire carved into it. Must be after sunset! 

❤️Take a photo of your target, place near the candle. 

🌹Leave an offering such as moon flowers, silver or a darker seductive liquor. She a goddess of night time so anything you feel appropriate is acceptable. 

🌹Upon lighting your candle, tell her your desires. Gaze into the center of the flame and see them manifesting fully. 


❤️Allow the chime to burn out completely as it truly should not take long.

❤️You are ready to begin wearing Lilith on a regular and daily basis should you desire. 

❤️Place a few drops on each wrist, under your ears, your navel and inner thighs. 

❤️Place a few drops in an aromatherapy diffuser, laundry, shampoos, conditioners, lotions. 

🌹💎🕯️These scent is a powerful aroma made up of amber's, musks, cinnamon, moonflower, rum; think rich dreamy, powerful & seductive! 🔥💋 

🔥You will not be sorry for using Lilith, she be it on its own or in combination with her candle! 

💋Lilith WILL bring you the heated sexy magickal desires you want Quickly! 





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