Rose Quartz & Love Crystals

Rose Quartz & Love Crystals

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🌹Our rose quartz crystal love bag has crystals that are convenient in size and allow you to keep on you, or near you.

🌹🥀Each bag will include at least three rose quartz crystal pieces one, clear crystal & and three other crystals chosen for your specific needs.

🔮💗🌷Rose quartz is known to attract love, open up your heart chakra, allow love to flow freely to you, reconcile a tiff, fidelity, fertility, renewal, new beginnings. There are a multitude of benefits to rose quartz.

I could literally go on forever about this particular Crystal. However most of you that are looking at this currently already know that you in fact are looking for this. 🤗🌹🥀

💗You can keep the crystals in the little bag that it comes in and all together or you can spread them out or share  them as gifts. 💗

❤️These will arrive charge cleansed and blessed. Remember to put them under the light of the full moon each month to continue to keep them charged.❤️


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