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❤️Love Haunt Em ❤️Custom 7 Day Candle

❤️🌹By far our best selling candle! ❤️💋

🔮This Candle actually has an entity attached to the candle, they will do your bidding on your behalf! No worries about 'not doing it correctly" are no more! These can be bound with a demon, orisha, any voodoo or hoodoo entity, god or goddess! The choice is yours! Let me know in an email who you want the help of and who this is intended for. If you would prefer to leave it up to me let me know that too. These will knock your socks off, the energy is felt from initial crafting! Can be used for any sexual preference. 

🔮This Candle will have the target dreaming of you, thinking of you, insanely until they can't help but be with you. This is a serious working loves, while we love this Candle be careful of what you wish for. Be very sure you want this person, they will be stuck to you .❤️


One custom created bound 7-Day Candle

❤️Crafting under ritual workings using crushed rubies, obsidian, garnet, red jasper, blend of magical oils that smell amazing and dehydrated herbs.

Each Candle is poured, carved, repoured, blessed, dressed, infused and charged before completed. This process takes time loves. At least 5 -7days. ❤️

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❤️We can burn these for you, go to the listing burn my love candle and purchase through that link. 







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