💕 Love Potion #9

💕 Love Potion #9

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 ❤️ Love Potion #9 Oil 

Our seasonally sought after oil loves is back while supplies last or the end of Summer! 

🔥We offer this yearly on summer solstice because our love potion is literally ignited intensified and basically limitless during the summer months! Love potion #9 is extremely potent as it is crafted under and during fire ceremonies. There is a lot of sizzle, spark and magick in each and every single bottle!

Reminiscent of a hot steamy Summer night scent. One that puts you in a blissful type of trance and or sleep.

Masterfully crafted with pheromones, and a blend of our most elite line of power working oils. Infused with ritualized blended herbs and crystals which are of course charged under several moon cycles. 

🌹There are so very many rituals that love potion can be used for the following is just a sampling. ⭐🌙⭐

🔆Best possible potion for extremely resistant targets!

🕯️Removes blockages


👻Prevent Ghosting

💗Will be the object of their desire

💫Removes another person if there is somebody else getting in your way

🔮Implants a loving feeling for you on their heart whenever they're thinking about or actually are with you.

💗Removes all negative feelings that they may have about you or a relationship in general

❤️Ignites passion and has been known to take it to the next level 

🌹Can be used as a booster for previous love working to really amplify your results much quicker.

🌹Can be added to an existing working or a honey jar or, desire jar to give it a boost

💗Receive a marriage proposal if that's where your heart is

💗Can be utilized on more than one target


⭐Carve your initials and your  targets initials directly into the candle.

💗Place 9 drops of #9 Oil into your hands.

🌙Rub them together then take a red chime candle and coat beginning with the bottom then gently going up to the top.

🕯️Light candle 

💗Stare at flame for 9 mins while imagining your target completely in love with and in total obsessed with you 

💗After 9 mins snuff candle out and discard.

💗This spell should be done anytime you feel your partners or targets affection waning

⭐💗💗This sells out quickly loves. When it does we will not have any more in stock until next Solstice. 🌙⭐💗


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