Mabon Celebrity Glamour Set

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💎 2022 Seasonal Limited Edition 💎

💄💋💎Glamour and Beauty are within reach! 👄💋

🍂🎃🌿Created for the upcoming season my loves! Everything is bigger, everything is more! This limited edition Glamour and Beauty set is no exception! We have never done a box of this magnitude before so we are truly very excited

The following is included;

🎃A HUGE glass pumpkin jar, Nearly FIVE POUNDS of ritualized and hand crafted  intoxicating blend of our luxury celebrity bath salt melt in your choice of scents for Mabon! 

🔮One beautiful purple enamel heart with base in a heavy gold heart structure with diamond like chips through out a crystal faceted topper! 💋💎🔮Nothing says luxury and glamor like a rich purple surrounded by gold, diamonds and faceted crystal!🔮 

🌹🔮This gorgeous bottle holds nearly two ounces of our pure celebrity line "Beautique" glamour oil. 

🔮1 large amethyst crystal in raw form on a black metal stand.

🌹1 bottle jar of our celebrity line of Beauty and Transformation body wash 

 🌹One Wish custom candle 

🎃 Hell's notes AND incense

🙃Sold individually this would cost well over $1700 loves. Your getting the BEST of our Celebrity Best for a fraction of that! 

🌿🌿🎃This set is only offered through October 31st or until it sells out so grab it now loves. Once our email goes out our inventory goes way down quickly.

💎Do NOT hesitate on this set! We literally have celebrity clients that use these exact products 💎





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