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🔮 Custom Mojo Bag for Love , Money, Protection or Health WITH iron fillings.

🔮Its believed that a mojo bag is mandatory to find and keep a good relationship with a man.

💗A Mojo bag that is fed weekly with the iron fillings included will work much quicker! 

💗Your man must NEVER touch your mojo bag. If he does he'll have some misfortunes quickly! The bag itself must be discarded and you must restart a new one. 


💗💗💗A Mojo bag for drawingl ove can also be created for a specific target and or relationship.

💗Please email me with the details of what you want your bag to do for you. 

🔆Traditional ingredients are high john, Adam and Eve root, mojo bean, sugar, copper,alum, iron nails, osha root, lodestone, iron sand, low john, devils claw, and jezebel root. 🕯️

💗Remember loves , ALL of our items are made to order, so your bag will not be exactly like the ones pictured. The main ingredients will be the same or similar but it will be made especially for you!🤗

💗If you would like or have personal effects of your target you can slip them inside of your bag. Only one time this can be done; when you first receive your bag. If you would like their picture included, you can email me a photograph and I will include it in your bag. 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙⭐💫


🕯️When you receive your bag and after you have put in any personal effects of both yours and your targets, you are going to sleep with the bag under your pillow for three nights.

🕯️During the day keep the bag on you, however not visible to the naked eye. This is for 3 days.

🕯️On the 4th day you were going to feed it iron fillings. A tiny little bit, half of a pinky nail worth. 

🕯️Weekly from that point forward you will continue to feed it half a pinky nail worth of iron fillings to keep it working for you 

🔮The reason you are doing this for three days and nights is to acclimate your energy both consciously and subconsciously with the bag itself.  Very important to form a connection with this bag my loves. 🔆💗

💗You're going to talk to the Mojo bag, give it specific Instructions for what you need and want it to do. Remember to thank it for doing your work. ❤️

💗🔮A Mojo bag continues to work as long as you feed it. I still have my very first Mojo bag from so very many years ago loves and it still works!🔮💗 

🔆🕯️🤗You certainly will not be disappointed! 💗🔮🎉


 💰These can also be created for financial gain as well. Simply send us an email requesting ❤️🌹❤️


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