💰 Money Magnet Custom 7 Day Candle

💰 Money Magnet Custom 7 Day Candle

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💸💰To have money be attracted to you literally like a magnet. To have incredible financial gain, debts removed & overall financial success. 

Our 💸Money Magnet 💸Custom Candle is successful for up to six months, however it is more likely that you will have 3 months of steady financial gains. It is very important that on your petition you are very clear about why you need the money. Requesting a million dollars will certainly not happen with this candle. However a substantial amount should come your way if the entities you are working with feel that it is necessary and there are no blockages in your way. It's very important loves to always be clear in your petition as well as ensuring you have no blockages.. ❤️  This is a hoodoo candle, not a demon candle. Demon candles you certainly have much more leeway with in the request. 

💗Created with crushed jade, citrine, clear quartz, tiger's eye and infused with a magical blend of our sacred herbs and oils to ensure that it is pleasing to the entities you are working with to ensure that your petition is answered. 💸✨

✨Instructions Included

✨As always please make sure that in the comment section of the order form or in an email format you send your initials and date of birth along with a brief summary of your desires. 

✨Take a moment to read through our frequently asked questions, it should be at the bottom of this page if not on the homepage, for more information regarding how we create and customize our candles along with shipping time frames. every candle that we do is custom done for each and every individual. During higher volume shipping can take longer loves. Patience is critical however it will definitely be worth it! 🤗,💋







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